Please Send MVT Gear Reviews


Here at MVT Gear we are getting a lot of positive feedback about the build quality and function of the MVT Gear that you guys are buying.

We would really appreciate some gear reviews and photos of the gear in use. You can do various things with that:

  • Email them in so they can be put up on the blog/forum just like class reviews.
  • Post them on the Forum.
  • You can actually do gear reviews in the GEAR STORE, if you log back in and go to the item you purchased, there is an option to post reviews there.

If you would to do gear store reviews, and then also email that review in to with any photos you have, we can cover all bases.

A production note: MVT OEM is hard at work bringing gear back online. We do have 556 Patrol Rigs available in limited quantities in Coyote Brown and Multicam right now. Once we have mostly populated the gear store again, there will be an announcement about price rises, and a small grace period before they go up. The price rise will mark the end of the introductory discounted price period and reflect the build quality  and excellence of the gear. Ultimately, MVT Gear OEM needs some margin to feed their kids! This is extremely well built and designed gear, made here in the USA, in a small shop.

This in from a satisfied customer:

“I broke in the chest rig yesterday. It is high quality and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I hope y’all had a little bit of profit margin, ‘cuz I ain’t seeing where you had much room:)”










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