Photo updates from site + book cover

W are up at the CRCD/CRM class this weekend. I’ll update this post with any good photos I get. It’s a full crew with Aaron, Chris and Fred. We had a breakthrough with Fred because we now have him dressed top half in multicam, despite his protests. His ICU’s are banned from site!

I was dismayed to see such negative talk about multicam on the forum. It’s the cadre uniform. Because remember, the 6th principle of patrolling: look good!

Yesterday we were getting all dressed up to get some photos. I am trying to save on modelling fees. If you remember the front cover of ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises‘, I am actually both guys on the cover. The artist is Tony Mauro and he is a bit of a genius (check out his book covers HERE).

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises


So yesterday we  were trying to see if we could get some good shots for the cover of the sequel. Yes, I will end up with a cover and no book, because I haven’t finished it yet, but it is coming, I promise you. The idea is for an urban battle scene. Tony puts the magic and the background in there.

Below: the 3 of us fire and moving:

MVT Blog 1


Below: running and gunning (Max): (yes, I was shooting next to the target, for the impact effect:

MVT Blog 2

Here is one of the new day 1 of CRCD. Zeroing first thing:

CRCD_3 Day_ Day 1_1


Below: Aaron instructs stoppage clearance drills: CRCD day 1- 2

This photo was the cover inspiration:


Below: Max working hard on the range (cup of tea):


More updates as I get them.