Patrol Loads & Packs: Nuance & Perspective

I plan on making two YouTube videos over the next couple of weeks, one on the new updated CUTT Chest Rig which is on its way to me, and the second on Patrol Packs.

I cover Rucks/Patrol Packs, including packing and considerations, on the Combat Patrol Class. What I tell people probably isn’t what they would expect to hear. No doubt, people think they are going to hear all about huge rucks and limitless amounts of gear. Not so. There is a certain amount of ‘prepper internet lore’ out there which is so gear focused, so much about ‘two is one and one is none,’ that you would end up with a huge pack if you followed it. The ‘if you don’t have it, you are wrong’ mindset.

Not so.

Clearly, there is a certain amount of gear that you will need to perform light infantry / security tasks. I’m not going to give you an exhaustive list, but we are concentrating on weapons, ammo, water, energy. And of course, each one of those has an implied task that falls out of it – such as what ‘loadout’ am I to carry and how much ammunition, etc, and what other supporting gear do I need to help that run.


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