Patriot Dawn: follow up

Having published in paperback and on Kindle last week, it was a ‘fire and forget’ as I then went away on a three day training weekend with limited access on my phone to track how things were going. It is with great relief that I have seen some really positive feedback, and I am glad that readers are enjoying Patriot Dawn.

My next project is to firstly make any minor corrections that are fed back to me about Patriot Dawn, and secondly go and re-edit Rapid Fire in a similar way to how I re-edited and updated Contact.

Let’s hope we can kick the can down the road a little longer, taking advantage of the time available to ready ourselves, equip and train, before we actually face a scenario similar to the one outlined in the book!

I know some will take exception to that, preferring to ‘bring it on now’ rather than face oncoming tyranny,  liberty’s ‘death by a thousand cuts’. I prefer a middle approach, where if it is going to happen, we all need a little more time to ready ourselves. Of course, like having kids, there never really is a right time to descend into a resistance campaign against a tyrannical government, you just have to get on with it with the assets available at the time!

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who are pulling us towards a Regime similar to the one outlined in Patriot Dawn just woke up and remembered their Constitutional duty, thus avoiding all the potential unpleasantness ahead? Pigs might fly….

TL Davis wrote very well about the lack of a  requirement for Constitutional and thus natural rights to be explained or defended by interest groups. The natural rights/Constitution are simply there, it is what it is, and infringement is criminal.