Patriot Dawn: Battle Diagrams

I was talking to a gentleman over the weekend, who has read Patriot Dawn. Although he gave me very good feedback, it brought home to me that I will never be free of the grammar, in particular the comma, Nazis. He also mentioned that he would’ve liked some diagrams to explain some of the battles better.

My reaction is it my prose is perfect LOL!

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises

Anyway, back in the real world, I have decided to do an updated edition of Patriot Dawn. As far as the use of English English, rather than American English, and the complaints about Britmill terminology go: to hell with that! But I am doing another edit, because in a book mistakes are hard to eliminate in their entirety.

I’m also adding some diagrams. I have just done four diagrams for the battle of Zulu Delta. I would’ve uploaded them to this post but I’m currently having technical issues with photograph uploads to the blog, hopefully to be resolved soon. I will post the images.

I would like to get some feedback about which battles people feel they would’ve benefited from having diagrams in the book. I’m not going to detail every one, but I’m considering also doing the raid on the Apache base and a schematic on the Battle of Harrisonburg. These maps are just schematic’s, pretty similar to the ones I produced for Contact. If you have any ideas, please put them in comments.

This will of course lead to calls for some sort of magical download/patch for those who’ve already purchased the books. That just doesn’t happen. What I will do is put the diagrams up in a blog post. If you want the diagrams in the paperback or Kindle format, you’ll have to support my bottom line by buying another copy ;-)

This is all going on as I’m writing the sequel to Patriot Dawn. Give me a couple of months, and I will be finished.

Live Hard.

Die Free.