Oran (AKA ‘Shitbreak’) Sends: GROWTH

Mosby’s article got me thinking about the process of change. How change disrupts your normal and your mindset towards change. When confronted with change you have two choices, denial or acceptance. The easiest choice, psychologically and calorie wise is denial. Denial is seductive, easy, flattering. “Hey you don’t need to change, you’re good the way you are.” Denial allows you to count all your previous experience as success. “This is the way I’ve always done it.” It’s self affirmation. It’s reassuring. It’s wrong.

Acceptance of change is the harder choice. It’s a mindset that requires constant introspection and analysis of where you are and where you want to be. It’s an acknowledgement that life isnt based upon black and white thinking. Most things in life are on a continuum. Winter gradually changes into spring. The snow doesn’t stop one day and flowers bloom the next. It’s the same with PT. You’re not a fat slob one day and a ripped body builder the next just because you worked out. Most people see that as a negative. It’s going to take too long to change, you mean I have to work out everyday? Seen another way it’s a payment plan. You only have to work out a little each day and the daily compound interest will change you into the fit, capable man you want to be. A dollar a day is a lot easier than 100,000 at once. This is how life works.

Max has talked about this before in regards to square range training. Is square range training good training? Yes, enthusiastically yes! But it’s just a point along the continuum. It’s not the end state. Are Max’s classes the end state along this training continuum? No, and I think Max would agree. But they’re a further step along the continuum in your pursuit of training excellence. That’s why Max is offering new classes all the time and not just CTT.

A stumbling block along the road to change is the sunken costs fallacy. This is the idea because so much has been invested in an idea you should keep moving forward with it, even if it’s bad. I decided to go off my diet and eat a bowl of ice cream, well I might as well finish the tub. I’m an hour into this movie and it sucks, but there’s 45 minutes left I’ll just keep watching it. I’ve already gone through seven courses with this square range instructor and I’m acing his drills, wearing his shirts, and have all these certificates, I don’t need small unit tactics.

Stop, evaluate, and make a decision. What’s the lower cost, turning around when you’ve gone half a mile in the wrong direction or a hundred miles? What is the heavier blow to ego? Sometimes when you’ve gone so far in the wrong direction, even when presented with the truth, you keep going. It’s too difficult to admit to yourself that you’re wrong. Here’s the newsflash, you’re the last person to see how wrong you are. Everyone else knows. The sooner you’re able to admit this to yourself the faster you’ll grow.

Growth is the only evidence of life. Growth is the ability to recognize who you truly are, acknowledge it and move forward. The ability to make a little change each day for the better. It’s taking to time to challenge your assumptions and pursue better ways. It’s a habit practiced daily. It’s courage, not cowardice.





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