On Guns

Thanks to WRSA for linking to this article HERE

There is a lot of good stuff out there in response to the school shooting. A lot of it is on American Thinker, a site which I find interesting.

There is limited comment that I can add. I will say these things:

1. It is an awful tragedy that those wonderful innocent children were taken in this way.

2. Now is not the time for acting irrationally.

3. The liberal establishment has wasted no time making anti-gun political capital out of it. Sickening.

4. We all know that the best way to protect schools, or to prevent them being the targets they have been turned into by making them ‘gun free zones’ would be to arm teachers, security guards, whatever. They don’t have to scare the kids, they could be concealed carry. I saw a great suggestion about having a biometric safe that will open for any of the trained and qualified teachers, and will also alert police. Ideas like that are good solutions.

5. We all know that this is not really about what is best for the kids in schools. If it was, then the common sense solution of removing the ‘gun free zones’ would be adopted. It’s really about a political agenda to use incidents like this to legislate guns out of society, removing the true purpose of the second amendment. Of course the socialists have to remove the second amendment and guns, because they want to impose the tyrannous government that the second amendment is there to protect against

The simple truth is that whatever your point of view on gun ownership, the practical aspect is that guns are out there in the US. Any attempts to take guns away from law abiding citizens will leave them unprotected against criminal elements. Criminals will always have guns, you will never remove them from society even if it was legal and ethical to do so.

The key thing is that any number of legal concealed carry holders would have been able to stop the shooter. Schools have been legislated as ‘gun free zones’ that have clearly become targets for cowards. Amend the law. Don’t allow students guns, but teachers should be armed. Even many school police do not carry guns – what use are they against a shooter? By the time police arrive, kids will be dead.

Instead of teachers having to hide in closets, they should be armed, as well as security guards, to stand in front of the next school shooter, put him down, and protect the kids.