Observer / Spectator Opportunities on MVT Classes

I just had a great email from a gentleman. It was a response to my post today about PT. Extract:

Re: ‘Fear of PT’ HERE:

Yes, you’re right.  The PT is what stops me from devoting the money and the time.  I’m 65, diabetic, with a lot of arthritis and so on.  I can still shoot, and I could learn a tremendous amount just as a “fly on the wall” at any of your courses.  But it is just not going to happen that I can get there in good enough shape to get down on ground, jump up and sprint 5 yards, repeat a hundred times.  Might get it done once or twice, but pushing through that much pain is more than I can handle — and even at three repetitions I would have no attention to spare for whatever you were teaching. 
So when the Great Bad Thing happens, my viable choices are few.  If I can engage at 500m I might live a few days longer.  In a gunfight against any reasonably competent person, my life expectancy will be somewhere below fifteen seconds.  It sucks, but getting old sucks.
You can’t possibly customize your curriculum for people with my set of disabilities.
But maybe you could install bleachers and we could at least learn from watching it happen?  I’d pay for that! 
After all, for me it’s “clutch at straws” or “learn about plant root systems from beneath the plant”. 
Just keep in mind that there are plenty of folks like me who cannot run a quarter mile but can still think, shoot, and support our children and grandchildren with covering fire.  Your teachings on PT are unfortunately no longer relevant for me, but I hate that it’s the barrier to my having the chance to learn what you could teach me. 
It occurs to me that there could be a lot of mileage to be had by offering observer / spectator spots. Not only for those like the gentleman above whose PT is gone, but also for those who may want to check out the classes to gain the confidence to attend, or bring a child to observe, or a wife, etc.
This is still a work in progress but I am going to immediately open up observer / spectator spots on my classes, primarily Combat Team Tactics (CTT) but we can also accommodate Combat Patrol. Until we can bring more infrastructure in (bleachers!) please bring a  folding chair and, ear protection and a  packed lunch!
This is what an observer / spectator would do on a CTT Class:
  • Observe the square range training (Friday) from a comfortable position (folding chair)  to the rear of the range.
  • Join  the class at the schoolhouse (Saturday & Sunday) and receive a safety brief specific to the observer role.
  • Receive all static training and lectures at the schoolhouse.
  • Observe all rehearsals
  • Accompany students up onto the ranges and observe the live training from the rear/safe position.
  • Observe the squad attack.
  • Note that I cannot take the physical need of walking up and down the ranges out so to accompany students, there will be a moderate amount of exercise involved, to the extent that the observer wishes.
  • If you want to be helpful, take photographs and give me copies!

Combat Patrol:

  • Observe the lectures at the schoolhouse.
  • Accompany the walk-through and rehearsal training.
  • Observe squad level live fire.
  • Be pre-positioned using the Ranger UTV at specific sites such as the ambush, raid, in order to observe training.
  • Walk out with the patrol and accompany the patrol base occupation if desired (no ruck required!)

Each class is 3 days. You can book with me to be there for a whole class, or for any of the days. The first day of CTT is on the square range, so is very convenient because you can come and go from the parking lot in your vehicle. For the tactical ranges, you will be at the schoolhouse for the day, driven in and out in the Ranger UTV. The exception is if you bring a suitable offroad 4×4 vehicle (and the weather/ground  is not too wet/slippy); you will be able to drive in and out to the schoolhouse. Roads are sporting, so be prepared.

You will be able to participate in the group chat during down time and its a great way to meet people.

Cost: $100 per person per day.

CTT Class complete: $300

Combat Patrol complete: $300.

Email me for bookings: