November Classes: CTT & CP + Update

I have a couple of spaces available on each of the Combat Team Tactics and the Combat Patrol classes in November.

Combat Team Tactics: November 6-8 (& December 11-13).

Combat Patrol: November 20-22.

These are the last scheduled open enrollment classes for 2015.


In light of this recent post: ‘You will need Combat Patrol as well as CTT for the Advanced Classes.‘ The Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Infiltration (RSI) class coming in 2016 will require both CTT and CP as prerequisites: the new class is in effect a ‘Patrol II’ class for hardcore students only.

I am also working on a FoF Team Tactics Class. That may pop up pretty quick once I get the gear that I am after. This is not the same concept as the CUTT Team Leader class, which has been discussed and is still under construction and will also utilize FoF. The concept of the FoF Team Tactics class is to have CTT as a  prerequisite, and allow students, over 2 days, to put into action the skills learned on CTT, in a FoF environment. It will be student-led, cadre umpired, through a series of scenarios designed to implement skills learned.

My current thought is that Combat Patrol, although highly useful, will not a be a prerequisite for the FoF Team Tactics class, but it will be a pre-requisite for the CUTT Team leader class.

The FoF Team Tactics class will also be an excellent opportunity for pre-formed teams who have been training together since CTT, to put their skills/ teamwork to the test.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because I still need to get the FoF gear that I want, but keep an eye out for developments.