Nov 6 – 11 Combined 6 Day Class – Training Options Available.


The November 6 – 11 Combined Combat Team Tactics (CTT)  and Combat Patrol (CP) Class went from 12 to 8 students due to several reschedules.

8 is still a good number for running the class, because it gives us a 2 team squad, which allows us to achieve all training objectives. 8 – 12 students is the optimal number for these classes.

There are therefore 4 spaces available on the class.

I am offering the following options if you are interested in training:

1) Book the full 6 Day Combined Class. You can get the 15% Discount by joining the III% Society  for America.

2) Book the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) 3 day portion only. III% Discount applies.

3) Book the Combat Patrol 3 day portion only. Note that CTT is a prerequisite so you have to be an alumni form a previous CRCD/CTT class to do this. III% Discount applies.

Thank you.