*NEW* Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) Class

I finally figured out how to add TC3 to the schedule. I am simply going to add a TC3 class on the Friday prior to a number of the CRCD classes. This is voluntary and will have an added fee. You can attend it if you are on the CRCD that weekend, or you can just come for the day, stand alone class.

This will be a combat lifesaver class focusing on reality based application of TC3 in combat.  There will be some robust elements, and a little bit of casualty movement, but nothing gratuitous or for the sake of it. Trauma lanes involve dragging a casualty back into cover and then treating them.

HERE is the new TC3 Page.

Here is the content:

Max Velocity Tactical offers Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) classes. These classes will be offered on the Friday prior to the scheduled Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) Classes, where annotated in the Class Schedule.

This will be an approximate 8 hour period of instruction. There will be no live firing as part of the TC3 package. Instruction will focus on U.S. Army combat lifesaver TC3 prototcols. Training will take place at the MVT training site, in the pavilion schoolhouse and using the training area. It will be a ‘classroom’ based course of instruction with hands-on and ‘trauma lane’ drills.

For those booked on the CRCD class that weekend, the TC3 class fee will be an additional $50. The class is also open to those intending to attend just the TC3 portion on Fridays. – cost $100. CRCD alumni can attend any of the Friday classes at the $50 fee.

Class size will be 4 – 16 students.


  • US Army TC3 protocols
  • Training to Combat Lifesaver standard
  • Care Under Fire
  • Tactical Field Care
  • Evacuation/Casualty Movement


  • Suitable outdoor/tactical clothing
  • Load bearing vest/PC/harness/battle belt
  • Bring your own IFAK if you have it. Limited medical training supplies will also be provided
  • Rifles are not required (non-CRCD attendees) but can be carried if brought
  • (There will be a limited amount of PT as part of the trauma lanes)
  • Basic IFAK Contents (the below is the basics of a US Army IFAK): 

    • Tourniquet, Combat Application 2 – 1 in IFAK, 1 on person
    • Israeli Compression Bandage 
    • Kerlix, roll
    • Adhesive Tape Surg 2”
    • Airway, Nasopharyngeal 1 (+small tube of lube)
    • Gloves
    • Combat Gauze (or Quickclot equivalent from Amazon)
    • ACE elastic wrap -roll.
    • (Combat Gauze has a 36-month shelf life.)
    • Personalize as appropriate. Suggested additions:
      • 2 x adhesive chest seals.
      • ARS for Needle Decompression ‘Pen’ (14 gauge x 3.25 in.)

      • Tough cut scissors


  • Meet point procedure will be as per CRCD, on Friday morning.
  • TC3 only students will be sent an arrival packet including the meet point.


  • Water resupply will be provided on site.
  • There is a basic latrine on site.
  • You must bring your own food/packed lunch.
  • Free camping is available Friday/Saturday  night for CRCD attendees


  • If you experience trouble with the paypal buttons on site, with the additional $50 class fee, you can paypal the correct amount to
  • Visit the Class Payment Page.

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