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I am excited to announce that Max Velocity Tactical now has online training plans for sale.  I have been preaching about PT for years and how tactical fitness makes the difference in every tactical situation.  So many of you have asked advice about what exercises to do, how often to do them and when to do them, that I decided to make training plans for everyone.  These plans were built in partnership with Hunter Allen, CEO and Founder of Peaks Coaching Group.  Hunter is a former professional cyclist, one of the foremost experts in the world in endurance training, has coached Olympians (he was the technical coach of the 2008 Olympic Cycling Team), racers in the Tour de France and he has written two books on training.  His book, “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” has become the textbook of training using a data acquisition device on a bicycle and his book, “Cutting Edge Cycling” has become of the most popular cycling training books in the market.

Hunter recently attended my 6 day combined CTT/PT class and has again attended another CTT class for a refresher.  He has excellent situational awareness, his personal fitness is incredibly high and it was a pleasure to instruct him in these classes. I was so impressed with his knowledge about endurance training, his philosophy on coaching endurance athletes and his experience with such different levels of fitness, that we decided to collaborate and build training plans for tactical fitness.

We are launching with five plans and more plans will be coming soon, including a plan for the upcoming “Rifleman Challenge”.   Each plan is purchased through the web page and you get a free account. Each day you will receive an email of the workout for the day and the following day.   At anytime, you can print out the plan and put it on your fridge as well. Hunter and I will be moderating the “Training” section of the MVT forum to help with questions and provide advice. If you have been thinking that your current PT level isn’t going to help you in a disaster scenario, then now is the time to get started and make sure you survive.

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Max Velocity Tactical offers Physical Training Plans. These plans have been developed in partnership with Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching Group.  For years, I have talked about how important PT is to your ability to win the fight.  Your survival depends on your level of fitness and the fitter you are the more chance you have of winning the fight and surviving.  When a disaster happens, nobody is going to care how much beer you can drink or if you watched the latest football game on Sunday. They will care if you can get yourself into position over the other side of the ridge, and flank the marauders.  Or if you have to abandon your location and hump your gear and your family’s gear to your bug out location, then your family’s survival will depend on your fitness.  No “tacticool” stuff is going to save you if you can’t out-distance the zombies.


After attending the combined Combat Team Tactics and Combat Patrol Class, Hunter approached me to become partners in creating a set of online training plans that are designed to improve the fitness of tactical survivors, like you, delivered simply and securely in electronic format and that contain some of my favorite workouts.   Hunter brings a wealth of knowledge from the endurance training world.  He is known as one of the foremost experts in coaching cyclists and developed cutting edge training principles using the latest in cycling and GPS technology.  He is a former professional cyclist and raced for 16 years all over the world, winning over 40 professional races.  After he retiring from racing, he started a highly successful coaching business, Peaks Coaching Group, and has coached national champions, world champions, professionals in the Tour De France, and Olympic medalists.  He commands a team of over 50 coaches in his group, and together they coach over 600 athletes around the world.   Hunter is the co-author of the seminal book on training with a power meter for cycling called, “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” .   He also co-authored another very popular book called, “Cutting Edge Cycling”.  He has authored over 100 pre-built training plans for cycling and his plans have created winners around the world.  He travels the world now teaching cycling camps and giving seminars on the principles of training that he developed and is in highly sought after as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced cycling coaches in the world.


We combined our years of experience and knowledge to develop these plans for you.   We wanted simple yet comprehensive plans that would allow anyone to improve their fitness through basic exercises in a progressive, rational way that will raise your fitness level according to key principles of exercise physiology and training periodization.  Each plan is unique and is directed toward a particular goal and beginning fitness standard, so make sure to read the plan description of each one to ensure you are getting the correct one for your life situation and needs.


Why buy a MVT training plan?

-Combining my tactical knowledge, military training and experience with Hunter’s knowledge and experience of physiology and coaching gives you a plan designed both for real world survival scenarios, with safe and cutting edge principles of training.

-Each plan is delivered via a clean online website,  so that you can log in anytime you want or print off the plan.  You will also receive an email each day of the planned training for that day and the following day.

-Economical! If you hired a personal coach to work with you, it could cost anywhere from  $179 to $1279 a month.  Incredible value for money here as you get 8-12 weeks of training for $99-129.

– Each plan has been built according to the training principles of periodization.  There are rest days, rest weeks and a rational and progressive overload of training is prescribed so that you can handle each succeeding week as they come to you.

– Well written exercises, with clear explanations, accompanying support documents to help you along the plan.  Hunter and I also monitor the training section in my MVT forum to help coach and answer any additional questions you have.

– Plans are built with your time constraints and specific goals in mind.  Have only 5-7 hours a week to train? Want to improve your overall fitness?  Coming to one of my camps and want to be ready to hump your gear up and down the WVA mountains?  Getting ready for the MVT Rifleman Challenge?

– Comprehensive support documentation with each plan include:  Exclusive training tips by Hunter and I,  nutrition tips on getting you leaner, how to do specific exercises, shooting practice drills to do on your off days and more.

How do I buy and follow the plan:

1)      Click the link below to goto the site and purchase your plan there (

2)      You will need  to create a free online account on TrainingPeaks.

3)      Once you have purchased, you will log on and then “APPLY” your training plan to the start date you choose.

4)      Your plan will be delivered in your account and each day you can click on the workout to read and follow.

5)      You will also receive an email each day for the training plan of the day and the next day.

6)      You can print out the plan and read as you like.

7)       Make sure to sign up for the MVT forum and ask questions in the Training Section.

8)      IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS, Click HERE to view more specific instructions if needed.

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12 weeks to a Max Velocity Training Camp 5-7 hours a week- Beginner Fitness Level

MVT Improve your tactical fitness plan weeks 1-12 – Beginner Fitness level

8 weeks to a Max Velocity Training Camp 5-7 hours a week – Intermediate Fitness level

MVT Improve your tactical fitness plan weeks 1-8 – Intermediate Fitness level

MVT Improve your tactical fitness plan weeks 9-16 – Intermediate Fitness level – Coming Soon!

MVT Improve your tactical fitness plan weeks 1-8 – Advanced Fitness level 

MVT Improve your tactical fitness plan weeks 9-16 – Advanced Fitness level – Coming Soon!

12 Weeks to the MVT Rifleman Challenge – Coming Soon!


Which plan is for me?

All MVT plans are pre-built training plans. They are not custom plans built specifically for each individual.  You may have to change some things here and there, be willing to adjust workouts occasionally and sometimes even skip them due to “life happens” issues. That’s normal and these plans are built in such a way that you can easy adjust them as needed. With that being said, we believe that we have created some of the best plans to help you get fitter, improve your tactical fitness and prepare you for any disaster scenario. Tactical fitness is not about becoming the biggest guy in the weight room because while those guys are strong, they don’t have the speed and endurance you’ll need in a tough tactical survival situation. Tactical fitness is a combination of cardiovascular fitness that will allow you to TAB up to 10 miles with a 30lb bergen on your back, carrying your rifle. Tactical fitness means you are strong enough to carry your gear, up and down hills and mountains, over long distances, and survive on less food than your normal home cooked meals.  Tactical fitness is something that you can do at home without much specific equipment, and in many cases just your own body weight. All you need is desire, motivation and sweat.

Beginner: Choose a beginner plan if:   You haven’t trained in a long time, are out of shape and ready to get back into shape, then this is the plan for you.  Beginner plans start you out with walking, then interspersed with jogging and eventually you are doing a solid TAB from 5-8 miles. Your strength exercises also start out relatively easy to make sure you transition back into strength workouts without becoming overly sore or injured. As a guide, if you run 2 miles in over 18:00 minutes, then the beginner plan is for you.

Intermediate: Choose an intermediate plan if:  You have completed the beginner plan and feel you are ready for more.  Or you aren’t starting at zero fitness and have been training, but maybe not that intensely.  If you can do some jogging now and possibly running now and again then this is a good plan for you.  If you do physical work, but don’t do specific strength exercises, then this would be a great plan to start with.  You will need to be able start out with jogging and some basic exercises like push-ups and sit-ups and progress to more advanced exercises with more sets and reps. As a guide, if you run 2 miles in over 15:00 minutes, but less than 18:00,  then the intermediate plan is for you.

Advanced: Choose an advanced plan if:  You have completed the intermediate plan and are ready for more.  You can start right off jogging and running and can knock down a 10k run pretty easily.  You can do 60 push-ups easily, 100 sit-ups no problem, and at least 20 pull-ups.  You can do the 8 mile CFT in less than 1:50.   This plan will continue to increase your cardiovascular fitness so that you start to become a “tactical” endurance athlete that can hump loads and shoot accurately under combat conditions. Note: this is an advanced plan, so if in any doubt, choose the intermediate first!

FAQ on the MVT Forum HERE.

About Max & Hunter


Max is a tactical, self-defense trainer and author, a lifelong soldier with extensive military experience. He has served in both the British and US Armies. He served with British Special Operations Forces, with the Parachute Regiment which is Britain’s elite quick reaction force and which augments the UK Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). Max served on six operational deployments, including to Afghanistan immediately post-9/11, and also a tour training and selecting recruits for the Regiment. Max passed both Parachute Regiment selection and UK Special Forces Aptitude Selection during his career, some of the hardest selection courses in the world.


Widely known as one of the top experts in the world in coaching endurance athletes using power meters, Hunter Allen’s goal has always been to teach athletes how to maximize their training and racing potential through professional analysis of their power data. In 1996, he founded The Peaks Coaching Group focused on developed leading edge methods of efficient power training. For the past 10 years, Peaks has been a leader in the industry in the field of power training for endurance cyclist. This unique opportunity has given Hunter the ability to review thousands of power files and racer profiles and develop an “artful science” of power training and coaching. During this time period, he also co-developed Training Peaks WKO+ software and co-authored the book, “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” with Dr. Andrew R. Coggan.

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