New Price / Booking Policy: Early Bird Discounts!

This is something we have been discussing on the forum for a little while. As a result, I have brought in a new class price policy that is going into effect as I edit the ticket booking page for each class. The bottom line is that there will be early bird discounts for classes a certain time out from the class date, where classes are discounted from standard pricing. Force on Force classes involving UTM ammunition will see this change to standard pricing at 90 days out. Live fire classes will see it at 60 days out.

There are several drivers for this:

1) UTM ammunition needs to be ordered no later than 60 days from when it is required. Longer is better. Thus, I need to know class numbers.

2) Traditionally, students would book MVT classes early, but that has changed in recent times with a more casual approach to booking. The new policy will be an incentive for those early bookings.

3) MVT Classes are not your standard flat range class. The classes rely on having certain numbers for tactical teams. This is even more so for Force on Force events. As classes approach, 2 or 3 months out, I am looking at the numbers to spot any duds. At times, I just schedule badly, for example this Memorial Weekend where classes were cancelled. Other times, classes are oversubscribed. Mostly, we run classes with enough, or more than enough, to make the team element work.

4) If we can incentivize students to book early, then we can all be secure in the fact that we have enough numbers for classes, which helps students and cadre. I have on several occasions cancelled a class only to hear or read a comment that “I was going to do that.” Well, I had no idea! I may not have cancelled if I had that deposit on it!

5) Due to our payment / refund policy some may be wary of booking early. Well, if you don’t not only will the class price increase, but if I do not see the bookings, it may well be cancelled. The way the refund policy works is that deposits are non-refundable but transferable. MVT training is unique and remarkable! If you pay a deposit, it is an investment in training, and an investment in yourself. If you had to reschedule, then you can train at another time. The issue is when we get to within 30 days, when I cannot fill a slot at short notice for a cancellation. Depending on the reason for the cancellation, I do however often work with people towards getting them on another class.

6) Yes, I do realize that many MVT classes are 4 days long, and that you have to take time off to attend. I get that. The flip side is that we are doing unique tactical training and this is not your standard flat range pew-pew session. We need to get you through crawl-walk-run onto the tactical ranges so you get the maximum and most effective training benefit. So, attending an MVT class is an investment in time, treasure, and in yourself. We constantly strive to be more worth it, with constant improvement, for example to the training facility, which is second to none.

For example:

HEAT 1 in August is discounted by $100 until 24 Jun, 60 days out.

Force on Force September is discounted by $100 until 25 June, 90 days out.

So, let’s get those bookings in!

In the meantime, prepare yourself for class: