I have added PATROL classes to the updated class schedule for 2014 HERE.
More details will be forthcoming for these classes. In the meantime, a heads up:
In summary:

  • The PATROL classes are open to alumni from the CRCD (open enrollment Combat Rifle / Contact Drills classes). These will be three day classes at a cost of $500 per person total.
  • The gear and ammo requirement will be the same as for CRCD with the exception that you must bring a patrol pack/ruck packed for a three day mission and expect to spend one night tactically in the field.
  • You will not be on the go constantly in the field for three days. The class will be a mix of practical instruction with tactical phases built in to execute the taught subjects. Rest will be incorporated. One of the nights (Sunday) will be a full tactical night in a patrol base. The Friday and Saturday nights can be spent ‘camping’ or in a local hotel/motel. However, pending the schedule, expect some night work on the Saturday evening before being let go for the night.
  • The January course will be COLD. Don’t bring the kitchen sink, because you will be expected to patrol with your patrol pack. However, a woobie blanket will not suffice. A suitable seasonal sleeping bag/bivvy bag combination, plus a thermal mat and tarp, or similar tactical set-up, will be required. For courses in cold weather, the schedule will be adjusted as necessary to prevent cold injury. I want you to experience what it takes to do this patrol thing, but without killing you in the process. If it’s, for example, a storm, then we will think again about the full tactical overnight. Common sense rules. 
  • Bring your own food, MRE’s or whatever, for the tactical phases. Food that requires cooking/heating on a camping stove is allowed and will be accounted for as part of the tactical training – after all, when the MRE’s run out, you may be using a solo stove or similar. (No: this does not mean that you will be spooning dry dehydrated food into your mouth because I shouted at you that a stove is not tactical! Think stopping to cook and eat in daylight before moving on to occupy a patrol base….METT-TC).
  • Live firing will be involved. Contact drills will be revisited. Weapons will mainly be carried in condition one with some specific exceptions for safety. Pop-up targets will be the enemy: Ivan has been volun-told to show up again.
  • The following is a summary of topics to be covered:
    • Patrol Preparation & administration in the field
    • Camouflage & Concealment
    • Movement
    • Formations
    • Halts/RV’s
    • Linear Danger Area/obstacle crossing
    • Security
    • Night observation: with and without technology (bring night vision if you have it)
    • Patrol Base: selection, occupation, routine and compromise.
    • Actions on Objective:
      • Observation Post/Recce
      • Ambush
      • Raid
    • Actions on:
      • Contact/Break Contact
      • Lost
      • Separated
      • Casualties (Full TC3 training will not be included, there is not enough time.
  • This is not a leadership/patrol leader course. There would not be time in the weekend. I will start adding those type of courses to the schedule as we move forward. This course is an introductory course to give you practical skills for patrolling. Orders/briefings for patrols will be introduced but you will not be expected to plan and lead a patrol. 
More to follow.
Fix bayonets, form line, and prepare to repel Zulus!
Live Hard, Die Free.