New P.O. Box Address

New P.O. Box Address:
P.O. Box 785
VA 20156
Note: This swill be checked about once a week. If you send me something, best to email me and let me know you did, particularly for deposits if you want to secure a place on a class. I can then go down and collect it.
Given the NEW POLICY for class payments, if you don’t want to use PayPal, or don’t want to use it for the final balance, you can mail it to me at the P.O. Box.
The new payment policy is not ideal, I preferred cash in hand. PayPal is easiest, cash or money order by mail works, and last resort checks made out to Max Velocity Tactical.
The New Payment Policy post copied in here:
Changes to class payment method: I was let down by a couple of last minute no-shows this weekend. One was due to a broken down motorcycle on the morning of the class, the other with no real reason, except perhaps nerves. I have so far been operating a sort of ‘Patriot Honor System’ where I take $100 in deposit and then the remainder on the morning of the class after meet up. This weekend I lost those two slots and I had already turned down some inquiries from others asking if I had vacancies on the class, so I had a wait list, but the notification came too late to fill the slots. Ultimately, I’m out of pocket and some people who could have trained were not able to. 

Because of this I have to move to a better business model where I will require complete payment for the class no later than one week prior (i.e. by the Friday a week before) . If I don’t get it, I will release the slot to someone on the wait list. This will give them notice to organize themselves to attend. I have also been pretty equable about returning deposits in the past, because I do not want your money if I didn’t exchange it for training, but I’m gonna get tough and if you cancel late for no justifiable reason, you won’t get a refund. Motive to follow through and show up. With the rates I charge and the investment into equipment I have made, I have to run a better business model to ever get out of the red.
Note: Books. I get a lot of inquiries about buying books direct. I do sell books at site as part of my training classes. I don’t make any more money by doing this, if you are looking to help me out (I appreciate the thought though, and I know this allows me to do signed copies, which some people want – if you have the book, bring it to class and I will sign it). Selling books individually by mail is also a total PITA and I don’t make any more doing that than I do through book royalties. Occasionally I have sold a book personally to someone who has mailed me the money and who has a total aversion to using Amazon. The books are available through any distributor so the first advice I give is to go to a local B&N or equivalent and order the book from them in person. Last resort, I may be persuaded to mail you a copy!
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