*NEW MVT Gear Page*

MVT has been producing the MVT SHIELD in cooperation with AMHTactical. The SHIELD is s custom US made product, AMH is based in Ohio.. Ordering has been somewhat of a clunky affair, due to MVT’s move away from PayPal, and involved mailing checks etc.

We have now changed the left menu on the MVT website. The ‘Products’ menu tab used to include books and gear (the SHIELD). It has now been split into separate book and gear tabs.

The gear tab will take you to the MVT Gear page at AMH Tactical. The added advantage is that the site will take credit card payments.

Also, be on the lookout for more gear becoming available. We are bringing production on the MVT LiteLitter on line in the near future, and hope to have some other MVT exclusive offerings. We are not selling gear simply for the sake of it, but rather where we see a need or an improvement on what is currently available.