***New MVT Class Structure***

The following changes will be made to the MVT Class structure and prices. The new schedule for 2015, which has yet to be published, will fully reflect the addition of new classes. Changes to existing classes and prices will go into effect from 1 September 2014.

If you have already booked onto a class from 1 September 2014 you will have the option of adapting to the published changes, or cancel your spot. I will refund deposits for those that choose to cancel.

  • Reasons for the changes to the class structure: The MVT training facility has been running since May 2013. Over time we have made changes and additions to classes. The changes reflected in this post are based on a mixture of cadre observation of training and feedback from students.  Our driving factors have always been:
    • Bringing you better progression and combat focused training options.
    • Ensuring that all students get the maximum training benefit from classes by being fully prepared for the training.
  • Reasons for the price changes: MVT has made significant investments in equipment (think pop-up targets) and infrastructure (roads, ranges etc). There are also significant running costs, such as the required targetry and equipment for classes. This is not a one man band in the woods, and there are significant overheads incurred in bringing you this unique combat focused training. The price changes reflect the need to make the training facility sustainable and financially viable.

The following is a list of classes offered. If they are not on the schedule already, they will be in 2015.

1) Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM): 2 day class. $400.

2) Combat Handgun Manipulation (CHM): 2 day class. $400.

3) Combat 2 Gun (C2G): NEW. 3 day class. $600. Curriculum under development.

4) Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD): Updated. 3 day class. $600.

This two day MVT staple will now go to 3 days, most usually Friday thru Sunday. There is no specific prerequisite, with the first day dedicated to getting everyone on the same page and increasing the quality of training for everyone on the subsequent two days. CRM or C2G is still recommended as a prior class.

The TC3/RMP pre-day will be cancelled. RMP will be subsumed into the first day of CRCD.

RMP will continue until the changeover on 1 September. If you are booked on CRCD prior to 1 September and you are not booked on the TC3/RMP day, you need to reconsider this.

For those already booked on CRCD classes from September to December 2014, you will not receive the full price increase. Your total for the 3 day class, exclusive of any NODF booking, will be $500. For those already booked on TC3/RMP that will therefore not change your price at all.

5) Combat Lifesaver (TC3): Updated. 1 day class. $200. This will be an optional class prior to CRCD. Usually on a Thursday. There will be a class minimum of 6 for it to run. Payment will only be requested once the class minimum is met.

6) Night Optical Device Firing (NODF): This is an optional short class class that follows the first day of CRCD. $200. It involves night live firing with NVGs/aiming lasers and also includes a simple tactical exercise.

7) Combat Patrol (CP): 3 day class. $600. The prerequisite for this class is CRCD. These classes will be scheduled quarterly.

8) Combined CRCD/Combat Patrol Class (6 Day): 6 day class. $1100. These classes will be scheduled quarterly.

For those already booked on the 5 day (now 6 day) classes from September to December 2014, you will not receive the full price increase. Your total for the 6 days, exclusive of any NODF booking, will be $900.

9) Night Fighting (NF): NEW. 3 day class. $600. Curriculum under development. The prerequisite for this class will be Combat Patrol. This class will focus on night patrol and live fire engagement utilizing various methods such as visible light and night vision equipment.

Additional points:

  • The Class Payment Page will be updated and simplified to reflect the new prices. There will also be a ‘make-up’ option for disparities between old and new prices.
  • A $200 deposit will secure your place on a class. The deposit is non-refundable, but will be transferable with good reason.
  • Balance payments will be due no later than 14 days out from the start date of your class. New bookings within that time frame will require full payment.


Alumni who are repeating a class will receive a $100 discount on each repeat i.e. for a CRCD repeat, or discounted off the 6 day class for a previous CRCD attendance. There is no discount for first time attendace on progression classes, such as Combat Patrol or Night Fighting, but you will receive $100 off  for a repeat.

Live Hard.

Die Free.