New! Level IV HA Body Armor Plates! Amazing weight and stopping power! VIP Pre-Sale!

Introducing the new Level IV HA plate! This plate weights 4.5lb for the 10 x 12 and is multi-curve. It has a 10 year warranty!

This plate is level IV and will stop anything up to and including multi-hit M2 Armor Piercing rounds! At 4.5lb and only 0.9″ thick!

MVT is pleased to be able to run a VIP Pre-Sale before this product hits general distribution; limited quantities are available. 

The plate is MSRP at $726

We will be running a pre-sale at $549 up to and including Easter weekend! 

The plate is currently available in limited quantities only in the 10 x 12 SAPI and Shooters cut. 

MVT Store: Level IV HA Plates