New: Force on Force Team Tactics Weekend: 25 – 26 June


New Force on Force Team Tactics Training Weekend added to the calendar 25 – 26 June.

The FoF class was excellent, I want to do as many of these as possible. The prerequisite is Combat Team Tactics (CTT), with Combat Patrol (CP) being desired but not required. The FoF and CP complement each other as progressions from CTT.

It is highly recommended to follow the gear recommendations on the FoF PAGE, in particular the mesh mask and ballistic goggles, to avoid having to wear the supplied UTM military face mask, which is hot and fairly restrictive.

This class was an excellent opportunity for students to put into action what they have learned on CTT and CP. There are so many things that students give lip service to on CTT, as they drink from the training fire hose, that get hammered home on FoF. Excellent class. CTT is about the basics, range safety, and battle inoculation. FoF is about hammering home the lessons of the importance of the basics, and putting it into action in a team context, with simulated combat. I have a post brewing on that topic.

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‘Team Coyote’