New Direction with Open Enrollment / Private Classes

I have already posted the class schedule for 2016 up to June. However, I have just gone through and removed a couple of open enrollment classes. There are several reasons for this:

1. I want to encourage group attendance at classes (more below).

2. I want room to add a couple of more advanced classes that I have in the pipeline.

3. I need more time to devote to other business, such as writing.



Group Classes: with weekends less taken up with open enrollment classes, I will have time for more group classes. Training with your group has more value than training as an individual. In order to encourage this, I am offering the following:

  • Contact Us if you wish to book a group class, and we will talk scheduling.
  • Group sizes are minimum 4, maximum 12. If you bring 8 or more, the class will include squad level training, if that is appropriate to the class subject matter.
  • Classes available are those on the MVT training curriculum.
  • Classes will run at a flat fee. The standard individual open enrollment fee is $200 per person per day. For group private classes, it will be $1200 per day. This is for any number of students from 4 to 12.
  • The above price is for training at the VTC (Velocity Training Center). Remote training is available. Contact Us for a quote.
  • It is up to you to contact me and organize training for your group. I encourage group private training for established CUTT’s (whatever you want to call them).

New Classes: I have a couple of new classes in the pipeline, for sometime in 2016. Having more spare weekends will allow me to schedule these when the time comes.

  • These are advanced classes.
  • Infiltration, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (IRS) will be a 3 day advanced patrolling class. Prerequisite will be Combat Patrol. This is a serious class for serious students.
  • Team Leader will be a 3 day tactics / leadership class. We are still doing R&D on the solution for effective force on force training in the woods. Prerequisite will likely be Combat Patrol.
  • These classes will be run once or twice a year.