NEW: CRCD Class 14/15 December

I’ve had a few inquiries about scheduling another CRCD class in between the one on Nov 9/10 and the Patrol class on Jan 18 – 20.
I have to deconflict between some personal commitments and also the deer rifle season in Hampshire County, which runs Nov 25 thru Dec 7. Yes, theoretically it should not make a difference but in the spirit of keeping up relationships with the locals I have to be sensitive to this – and one neighbor specifically asked me about deer season. I guess he was not looking forward to trying to hunt while a firefight was going on up on my ranges…..!
I have put December 14/15 on the schedule to run this additional CRCD class. If I meet huge objections and /or no-one books, I’ll look at alternatives, but they are limited at that time of year. 
For the main post on the CRCD classes, and to book, look HERE.
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