New Class Titles + Training Progression

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We have re-titled some of the classes the better reflect what they are about:

Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) becomes Combat Team Tactics (CTT). 3 day class.

Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) becomes Combat Rifle (CR). 2 day class.

The upcoming Combat Rifle Urban (CRU) becomes Combat Team Tactics – Close Quarter Battle (CTT – CQB). 3 day class.

On the website, the training is split into Tactical Training Classes and Combat Shooting Classes. We are not using the term ‘manipulation’ in class titles anymore, because after all, what is a manipulation? The new titles should give better clarity to the class content.

Tactical Training Classes are mainly based out on the tactical ranges, but some include time on the square ranges. For example, the first day of CTT (the old CRCD) is on the square ranges. Tactical training classes use the crawl – walk – run methodology to progress up to team level, whether that is 4 man teams or 8 – 12 man squads. Class dependent: For example Combat Patrol is focused at squad level (8 – 12 Students).

Combat Shooting Classes are primarily based on the square ranges. However, they do involve movement and dynamic training. They primarily focus at the individual skill level and may involve some buddy movement.

The only class with a prerequisite at this time is Combat Patrol (CP). The prerequisite is Combat Team Tactics (CTT). These classes are designed to follow on from each other, which is why they work as the 6 day Combined Class. Night Fighting will have the prerequisite of Combat Patrol when it comes online.

However, there is a progression available, should you wish to take advantage of it. This involves taking one or more of the Combat Shooting Classes followed by the Tactical Classes.

The progression would be:

1) Combat Rifle and/or Combat 2 Gun

2) Combat Team Tactics (Night Optical Device Firing & Combat Lifesaver are also available at these classes)

3) Combat Patrol (can be taken as the combined 6 Day Class) and/or

4) Combat Team Tactics – Close Quarter Battle (online approx. August 2015) and/or

5) Night Fighting (online approx. August 2015).

So far we have had two occasions where, with day 1 of Combat Team Tactics running on the Friday, and Combat Rifle starting on the Saturday, a student who was booked on CTT decided to swap to CR. We have had many students come back and do CR after they have already completed CTT, sometimes more than one time (CR was not available when they did CTT). These decisions are  mature and sensible and based on a sound assessment of the need to build a strong foundation.  The Friday, or day 1, of CTT is based on the square range and is designed as a safety and weapons manipulation day, to improve the student’s experience on the remainder of the tactical class. Some, however, really benefit from a Combat Rifle weekend before attempting CTT.

I urge you to reconsider the idea that you don’t need to do Combat Rifle!

CRCD day 1- 2

Here is the class list:

Combat Rifle (CR)

Combat 2 Gun (C2G)

Combat Team Tactics (CTT)

Combat Patrol (CP)

Combination CTT + Combat Patrol Class (6 Day)

Combat Lifesaver (TC3)

Night Optical Device Firing (NODF)

Night Fighting (NF) – Coming August 2015

Combat Team Tactics – Close Quarter Battle (CTT – CQB)  – Coming August 2015

Mobility/Convoy Tactical Training

Consultancy & Private Training 

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Student Reviews

Class Schedule



  • August: this is the estimated arrival month for the Night Fighting (NF) and CTT – CQB (Combat Team Tactics – Close Quarter Battle) classes. The schedule will be updated closer to the time.


Thank you.