New Class Structure: Rifle Skills/Combat Rifle

Many questions have come in about the now discontinued Combat Rifle and Combat 2 Gun classes. Those two classes are off the schedule until further notice.

The new class structure will be as follows, and will allow completion of Rifle Skills/Combat Rifle as part of a three or four day weekend, rather than forcing students to come back another time after Combat Rifle for Combat Team Tactics:

1) Rifle Skills (RS): this is an optional one day foundation skills class that will take place the day prior to the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) three day class (therefore usually on a Thursday). This class will form the basis of a training progression.

2) Combat Rifle (CR): this class has been integrated as a one day progression class as the first day of the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Class (therefore usually on a Friday). This class is mandatory as part of the three day CTT package.

3) Combat Team Tactics (CTT): this is the three day class that begins on day one with Combat Rifle and moves to the tactical ranges for days two and three. You have the option of taking the Rifle Skills (RS) class prior to CTT, and thus creating a four day class progression.

Combat Team Tactics (CTT) is a prerequisite for both Combat Patrol and the MVT Rifleman Challenge.

Students travel a long way to train with MVT, because of the tactical classes that we offer. We are going to continue to focus in that area for that reason. Expect a team/CUTT leader SUT class towards the latter part of the year.