*NEW* Class: Mobility/Convoy Tactical Operations

Mobility/Convoy Tactical Operations


Max Velocity Tactical offers mobility/convoy operations classes. This is not an open enrollment scheduled class. It will be conducted as private training. Requirements will be discussed with the client in order to formulate a curriculum based on needs, location, and the facilities available. A standard class length would be two days, depending on location and requirements.

The class can focus on any of the following areas:

  • Family/Group ‘bug out’ in a hostile environment.
  • Hostile environment convoy operations.
  • Tactical employment of vehicles as a mobility asset.
  • Use of mobility platforms in patrolling.
  • Offensive & defensive uses of vehicles.

‘Vehicles’ can include any of your standard cars, pickups, SUVs, and also other mobility platforms such as ATVs.

The following is a selection of topics that would be covered:

Convoy Operations/Family Bug Out:

  • Vehicle preparation, loading and equipment.
  • Threat & Countermeasures
  • Route Selection
  • Tactical Movement.
  • Security
  • Profile considerations
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • ‘Actions on’:
    • Enemy Contact:
      • Road Open
      • Road Blocked
      • Vehicle Immobilized
      • Casualties
      • All vehicles Immobilized/break contact
    • Traffic Control Points/Illegal TCPs/Roadblocks
    • Short Halts
    • Overnight Stops
    • Breakdowns/Flat tire

Tactical Operations:

  • Employment/utility of armored/unarmored vehicles in contact.
  • Use of mobility assets/ATVs
  • Use of vehicles for patrolling
  • Combination mounted/dismounted patrol operations.
  • Mobility assets as a sustainment/resupply/firepower platform.

Private Training Area requirements:

The MVT facility in WV is suitable location for ATV-based trainiing if you wish to trailer in your ATVs. It is not suitable for vehicle convoy operations. Many of the vehicle convoy drills can be accomplished on a suitable stretch of private road, even a driveway maybe 200 yards long. Open areas/fields can also be used. More in depth movement and tactical operations require a network of vehicle suitable roads/tracks.

Training can be conducted with a mixture of dry, with airsoft, blanks or live. To conduct live training, vehicles must be able to drive onto a suitable live firing area. A standard berm range can be used in this way, if the backstop is long enough. Full safety will be implemented to MVT live firing standards.

Please EMAIL to discuss rates and your requirements.

Below: A live fire training session from Fallujah in 2006, focusing on vehicle and dismounted break contact drills. The drills are not perfect, it was an internal team training day, not a demonstration video. It serves as a good example of possible hostile environment break contact drills. Not included in the video is the ‘all vehicles immobilized’ scenario.

The details on mobility and convoy operations can be found in ‘Contact! A Tactical manual for Post Collapse Survival’ – suggested pre-class reading.
Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival
Class web page HERE.
Till Valhalla!