*NEW* Alumni Section on the MVT Forum



The MVT Forum now has a private MVT Alumni section.

You won’t be able to see this forum unless you are added as an Alumni. Once signed up as a forum member, contact the administrator; once your credentials are verified, you will be added and the forum will be visible/you will have access.

The Alumni forum section is intended to promote networking, collaboration and community among MVT Training Class Alumni.

It is not supposed to detract from the rest of the forum, but to be in line with the original intent of the forum, which was to allow MVT Alumni a place to communicate.

My hope is that this will enhance the ability of the MVT community to grow. You will know that everyone on the Alumni forum has attended at least one MVT Class, and as such the element of ‘DKWYDK’ is reduced (don’t know what you don’t know). In line with that, there is a considerable amount of information posted now on the blog, the forum and in my books. It is out there. The blog has a search feature under the left menu: this statement is not designed to discourage questions, but it would benefit you to read into the subject to see if there is already an answer out there – at which point my suggestion is to ask questions to clarify and develop the concept, rather than ask strict ‘newbie’ questions.

I am also going to start adding class numbers to the schedule, so it is easier to identify other class mates.

Most of these idea came form feedback from students. If you have further feedback and improvements, let me know. I continue to be impressed by the sheer quality of individual that shows up to MVT Classes. The professional and intellectual quality of the Alumni defies all stereotype. The MVT Alumni group is a capable team.


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