I have had many inquiries about where on the site to find the MVT VERSA rig and MVT SHIELD. We are bringing these items back up for sale. We hope to have the shopping cart and your ability to order up and running over the next few days, glitches aside.

The first item for sale will be the MVT VERSA chest rig. This will be available in both Coyote Brown and Multicam. It will come with two magazine inserts – 5.56 and .308. I’m not putting any pictures up yet, until I can get good ones of the new VERSA design.

Prices for the Coyote Brown VERSA will be somewhere in the vicinity of $160, and for the Multicam version, $170, plus shipping.

The next item that is a couple of weeks out is the MVT SHIELD, which will be available again shortly.

Once we have these items up and running, we have a number of other excellent and innovative gear items queued up. We will be bringing single caliber rigs in 5.56, .308 and AK. These rigs are an excellent design, for those who are only concerned with a single caliber of rifle.  and we will be offering a number of innovative features. More to follow.

Many thanks to Diz, who is the MVT Gear designer, and who is working with us to get these excellent gear innovations to you. Also to the new OEM, who is doing a great job with quality and manufacture. I have these folks to thank for the ability of MVT to bring this gear to market.