MVT: Transition & New Training Opportunities

So, over a pleasant lunch I was informed that I am being ‘transitioned to  a new opportunity’ at work (to paraphrase SultanKnish), beginning after my two week notice period, so effectively after Thanksgiving.

This is excellent news for Max Velocity Tactical.

I intend to do the following:

1) Ramp up the writing of the sequel to Patriot Dawn.

2) Be more available for training: CRCD, Combat Patrol, and any private classes.

3) Make myself available for site defensive surveys and private training.

I will be updating the website to include the site defensive surveys and more information on private classes. I will be mulling over the best way to schedule more training – there are only so many weekends in the month. I did float the idea at the last couple of CRCD classes of running classes during the week, to include perhaps a five day class incorporating CRCD and Combat Patrol (2 days then 3 days sequenetial).

I’ll also try and get out and about to expos and such like more often (like once, rather than never).

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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