MVT Training Schedule Published up to June 2018

We have just put out an initial schedule for 2018 through June. Note that classes have been renamed and also changed in some cases.

This initial schedule is for HEAT 1, HEAT 2 and HEAT FOF classes. It does not include classes run by Scott, which are the HEMS and DCH. It also does not include classes run by John, which are the HEAT CQB and LRMS. These will be getting scheduled and filled in to the calendar as Scott and John work out their schedules.

New Classes:

Combat Team Tactics becomes Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 1 (HEAT 1) and becomes a 4 day class.

Combat Patrol becomes Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 2 (HEAT 2) and remains a 4 day class.

Force on Force Team Tactics becomes HEAT FOF and remains at 2 days. The optional CQB Intro Day has been dropped.

Combat Rifle Skills becomes Hostile Environment Marksmanship (HEMS) and remains at 2 days.

Note: the HEMS curriculum mirrors the first 2 flat range days of HEAT 1. If HEMS is taken within 6 months, students can skip to the final 2 tactical range days of the HEAT 1 class. Check out the HEAT 1 page for more info on that, and how it applies to prior CTT and CRCD graduates.

CQBC becomes HEAT CQB and remains at 3 days.

LRMC becomes LRMS.

New 2018 Schedule:

Texas: already scheduled with 2 6 day packages February 17 – March 1.

HEAT 1 (4 day): March 22 – 25.

HEAT 2 (4 Day): April 5 – 8.

HEAT 1 (4 day): April 19 – 22.

HEAT FOF (2 Day only): May 5 – 6.

6 Day HEAT 1 / HEAT 2 (4 + 2): May 22 – 27.

TacGun Challenge (2 Day): June 23 – 24.

These classes are now up on the calendar and can be booked.