MVT Team Room: Raffle Entries Close August 19

The donation raffle for the MVT Team Room closes on August 19, with the draw happening on August 20 at the CQBC Class.

We are currently building a  Team  Room at the Velocity Training Center (VTC) in Romney. It is located at the campsite. If you are not on the MVT Forum, you will be missing out on the discussions and update on this. On the 29/30 July a group of volunteers  built this cabin as far as the photos on this page. We have another volunteer work weekend on August 26 – 27 to put on the roof, doors, and finish the porch. After that, we will continue to work and improve going into next year, with an intent to insulate, install a wood burner, electric, air conditioning and keep improving. Hence the request for continued donations.

Why donate?

This Team Cabin is for the use of MVT Students. You will be able to save on staying in local Motels such as the Koolwink, and it is a step up from camping. It can also be used as a wet weather classroom and will increase our instructional capability once the electric is installed.

Robert from JRH Enterprises has kindly donated a Steiner DBAL-I2 IR Laser with IR ILLUMINATOR for a raffle to raise money to get this team cabin built. This is an $850 value.

The raffle will be $50 per ticket. To participate, use the payments link to ‘payments’ (HERE) in the menu at the top of the page on the MVT website. Enter # (multiples of $50) of raffle tickets and ‘DBAL Raffle’ in the description box. Enter the amount (multiples of $50) in the price box. Then hit continue to pay. Example:

Description box : 2 x DBAL Raffle. Price Box: $100

There will be a $20 per night maintenance charge for anyone using the Team Room, and a $10 per night maintenance charge for camping. This is obviously a significant saving on staying in a hotel / motel. However, if you help build it as a volunteer, or if you enter minimum 2 x raffle tickets ($100) in the raffle, you will never pay the maintenance charge and can stay for free. If you are a returning alumni or you intend to train at MVT in the future, this is a significant saving on accommodation costs. If you buy a single ticket @ $50, you will get free use of the facilities up to that $50, rather than free forever for $100 minimum.

The more that is donated in the raffle the quicker we can invest, build and improve the interior of this cabin.

The draw will happen at the CQBC weekend August 20. Last donations August 19.