MVT T-Shirts! Fundraiser to expand the new CQB Site!



MVT is selling T-Shirts in the MVT GEAR STORE.

Not only is this an opportunity to get hold of some MVT Swag, which includes both cotton and performance t-shirts, but it is a fundraising drive to improve the new MVT Force on Force CQB / role playing urban sites.

We have done some (a lot of) work to improve the roads at the site to take vehicles, and also to push in two pads for future builds. On one of the pads we have 2 x 12′ x 12′ wooden buildings. These have already been used for Force on Force and OPFOR training. Next steps are to expand each building by 12′, and to roof them. We will then add another set of buildings at the other pad site. This expansion is for the UTM Force on Force Team Tactics, CQB Tactics, and even for private classes and to establish scenarios with role players etc.

Once roofed, they will also act as a rough alternative to camping, with students allowed to sleep inside the buildings. Leave them how you found them will be the rule! Bring a cot bed, the pads are rough stone. Once roofed, we plan to add doors and removable plastic windows to winterize them to a certain extent.

There is a small shipping wait on the t-shirts; the first orders have shipped and are currently in the mail.

MVT Performance Brown Back

Black Front

MVT Cotton Coyote Brown Back

Coyote Front



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