MVT Shield – Field Trials

The MVT Shield project is moving forwards.

The technical/performance trials have all been completed and we are getting closer to specific  production methods and exactly how the product will look.

I was out this weekend doing some field trials and snapped a couple of photos:

I hope the photos will bring some clarity to the concept. Previously, I think there was some misunderstanding, particularly with the use of the word ‘poncho’ – it was only ever meant as a description of the way a military poncho is used as  a shelter tarp. This product is not intended to be worn, although in an emergency it can be pulled over you. 
Those with experience will note that this looks exactly like a military shelter tarp. That is the point! It is designed to be used as a shelter tarp in exactly the same way, and thus be extremely useful and something you will use day to day when out in the field. 
What you can’t see in the photos is the layer that will stop ALL thermal signature. Note: this is not the same as trying to use an emergency blanket. Those things state that they stop 80% of body heat – and in trials that is exactly right. They will stop 80% of body heat, so you won’t see someones body shape beneath it, but you will see the ‘thermal bloom’ across the material – that’s the 20% that gets you killed.
This product stops 100% of thermal signature, there is no thermal bloom across the material. It is slightly thicker and bulkier than a standard tarp, but not in a way where it can’t be rolled or stuffed into a  pouch. 
I have decided to go with the coyote brown rather than a camouflage color. There are several reasons for this: coyote will match more areas where this may be used. It is a lower profile color were someone may think you are just using a tarp, rather than something military. It can also be sprayed with krylon to better match your operating area, thus customizing the shield to the owner. 
Also, I will post photos as we get closer to production of examples. This product will stop !00% of your thermal signature form being viewed/visible. You also need to take into consideration the visual signature of material through a thermal imager. All objects have a thermal signature, which is why you can make out the shapes of things like trees when viewing through FLIR. A product such as this MVT shield is best using in combination with terrain/vegetation masking. Otherwise, if used in an open field, there is a danger of an operator picking up the regular lines of the sides of the tarp. 
I will show some examples where it has been ‘kryloned’ up, and also where camo netting has been judiciously applied to the edges and across parts of the center of the shield to help break up SHAPE.  Thus camouflaging it in both the visual and the thermal visual sphere – typo birds with one stone. This is just part of how you will customize this product to better make it work for yourself. As an off the shelf product, it will work fine, particularly if you put it up under trees or other vegetation. For ultimate concealment, a sparsely applies camo/gillie effect will work for the SHAPE aspect of the shield. 
I will post more information as we move forwards. Please don’t email me asking for prices or pre-order. I will sort all that out and put this up for sale on the website when it is ready. Announcements on the blog.
HERE is the link top previous posts with the details on this concept.
Note: this product, The MVT Shield (c), the design and concept, is patented to MVT.
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