MVT Rifleman Challenge: Organizer/Marshal Volunteers

I’m looking for a few organizers/marshals for the 27 – 29 March MVT Rifleman Challenge. These would be generally useful types who are not going to be doing the challenge, and don’t mind giving up the time to help the event flow.

Responsibilities will vary but be along the lines of helping get people to the right places,  route marking and safety, collecting scores, manning places that need manning, making sure water gets resupplied etc. Admin NCO stuff…

It is also an opportunity for anyone who does not feel they are ready for the Challenge itself, but want to get a flavor for it, to come and see how it is.

Depending on the response, I may not be able to take all of you. It would be most useful, but not necessarily essential,  if you could be there on the Thursday 26th so you can be briefed and be part of set-up etc.

I propose compensation of a $250 gift certificate off an MVT class (or a future Challenge)  if you participate as a volunteer.

Any takers?

Please email me: