MVT Rifleman Challenge: Clarification on what you need to know in advance

Here is the link to the MVT Rifleman Challenge page with all the information in detail.

It has come to my attention from various sources and comments that I have been lacking in getting the message out about what you need to know in advance of the MVT Rifleman Challenge, and what you will be taught at the weekend itself. Some have misunderstood and think you need to know everything before arrival. There will be specific instructional periods in order to allow us to test to standard.

There are a series of events that will be tested, listed below, with the full detail on the MVT Rifleman Challenge page.

You will need to have these basics squared away before you show up:

1) Physical Fitness

2) Shooting

In addition, you should have trained at MVT or elsewhere on basic fire and movement and read into the skills/tasks that are listed  as core rifleman tasks.

However, the main point of the Challenge is to assess you as having trained to standard. We don’t expect you to be plug and play on all skills when you show up, and therefore there will be instructional and/or rehearsal periods (as well as the usual safety briefs) before performing the tests. It is both an instruction weekend, and one where you will be trained to conduct the tasks to standard. The flip side is, make an effort, don’t show up knowing nothing, but don’t be scared off because, for example, you don’t know much about first aid, or have never trained in room entry and clearance.

I hope the following clarifies this:


Outline: MVT will offer ‘MVT Rifleman Challenge‘ three day weekends where a series of light infantry skills will be tested. Successful completion of these tests will result in the award of an ‘MVT RIFLEMAN’ patch.

Intent: To foster excellence among the community of armed civilians, in order to raise training standards and provide a readily identifiable, achievable, skill level.

Scope: During the 3 day MVT Rifleman Challenge, training and testing will be conducted, with a number of required Rifleman skills being tested to standard during the course of the Challenge. MVT Rifleman patches and certificates of achievement will be awarded to all who meet the standards.


There will be 8 Core Test Events. These events will consist of individual and team challenges. Tasks will be assessed both objectively and subjectively: individual events will be assessed for time and successful task completion; team events will be assessed for successful task completion, teamwork and effort.


1. (move) PT Test: ‘2-Miler’

This is tested to standard and must be prepared for by the student in advance.  MVT offers Tactical Fitness Training Plans in order to bring the student up to standard for this test.

2. (shoot) Combat Shooting qualification: rifle & handgun

This is a simulated combat engagement on the square range and will test the students shooting ability. It will happen shortly after the 2-Miler so students will be fatigued.

3. (shoot) Weapon Manipulation

This will be tested on the square range under pressure, with students being required to move to their weapon on the firing point, attempt to engage the target, and then clear the stoppage/malfunction that has been created on the weapon. If remedial training is required in specific techniques, it will be provided,. Any student who has attended Combat Rifle or the 3 day Combat Team Tactics classes at MVT will be familiar with this. Sample rifle stoppage drills are listed HERE.

4. (move) Navigation

This will take the form of a basic individual navigation exercise involving several checkpoints. The standard is not time, but successful completion of the course within an overall time limit. There will be no specific instructional period for this test, but information can be found HERE to aid student self-training. You will be using 1;25,000 scale maps and will be expected to provide your own orienteering compass.

5. (move) Team Casualty Evacuation

This is a team physical exercise and gut check, simulating the evacuation of a casualty off the battlefield. Students will be assessed for teamwork and determination/will to win.

6. (fight) Move Under Direct Fire

This is team fire and movement and there will be an extensive safety brief and instruction/rehearsals prior to conducting this live fire exercise. The standard will be successful conduct of the fight onto the objective as part of a  four man team, and completion of the task without safety violations.

7. (fight) Break Contact Under Direct Fire

This is team fire and movement and there will be an extensive safety brief and instruction/rehearsals prior to conducting this live fire exercise. The standard will be successful conduct of the break contact, as per taught SOPs, as part of a four man team, and completion of the task without safety violations.

8. (fight) Conduct Tactical Combat Casualty Care

There will be a full instructional period on TC3 prior to being tested on basic combat lifesaver skills as part of a simple trauma lane.

Example Rifleman Challenge Schedule

Day 1:

Arrive. Administration.

PT Test

Shooting Qualification

Tactical Combat Casualty Care training and trauma lanes.

Day 2:

Navigation Course

Move under Direct Fire*

Break Contact under direct fire*

Weapon Manipulation (Rifle Stoppage Drills detailed at the bottom of the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Page)

*Note: some wildcard core skill testing / instruction will take place as background activity during wait times.

Day 3:

Casualty Evacuation

Core Task Instruction & Testing – Wildcards*



*Regarding the additional core rifleman tasks (listed here) we have made the decision to include ‘Enter and Clear a Room’ as a standardized part of the Challenge Weekends. This will take the form of a an instructional period both dry and live firing, followed by testing to standard of basic room entry and clearance techniques. Full safety and rehearsals/instruction will be in place for this training session.

Two Rifleman Patches will be awarded on completion of all tasks successfully, depending on performance on the PT test:

MVT Rifleman:

rifleman patch single

MVT Rifleman Reserve:

rifleman reserve

The full detail on all tasks can be found on the MVT Rifleman Challenge page.

If you fail any of the tests, and cannot be retrained, such as the PT test, you will still attend the entirety of the weekend as a training event.

Is some of this hard? Yes. It is designed to be, because it is a test to standard of your performance as a rifleman. We are not going to lower the standard so lazy-asses can pass it and wear the patch. We are going to expect you to work hard, and we will train you to standard if we can work with you to do so. To think otherwise if just self-delusion. If you expect to fight as an infantryman, you need to work to achieve some basic standards of physical and skill training. The MVT cadre is here to assist you in achieving those standards.

MVT is not a ‘no child, left behind’ organization. And neither is combat. You have no excuse to not get off your ass, get trained, and wear the patch with pride.

Here is the link to the MVT Rifleman Challenge page with all the information in detail.

See you on 27 March! And if you need longer to prepare, these Challenge weekends will run every spring and fall.