MVT Rifleman Challenge: 2 Attempts for the price of 1!

rifleman patch single

I know that many are holding off on the MVT Rifleman Challenge due to fear of failure. Others are aiming for the fall event (exact date to be scheduled).

The three day training and challenge weekend is $500, or $450 with either an alumni or an ‘Oath Takers’ discount (see the MVT Rifleman Challenge page for the details).

The three days will include the challenge events, training to the MVT Rifleman standard, with a number of instructional periods designed to help you reach the standard. Included is dry and live CQB training for ‘enter and clear a room.’

We have already specified in the rules that challengers may re-take an event at the weekend if it is failed.

However, I want to encourage people to try, rather than put it off to a future date due to fear of failure or of not reaching the standard. What also seems to have been a little lost in the fog of the internet is that there are instructional periods and/or rehearsals before most of these events, and we will do our best to help you achieve the standard. It is an instructional and training weekend rather than a simple test event.

I encourage people to read the main page to get the actual details: MVT Rifleman Challenge.

In order to encourage people to strive for excellence, we are going to allow those who don’t make the standard on first attempt, to attend a second Challenge FREE. For example, if you attempt the one on the 27 March, and are not successful, you can come back in the Fall for FREE. You will also benefit from a 3 day training weekend.

A large number of people volunteered as marshals, some in order to get a look at the Challenge before signing up. I have more than enough Marshals. Instead, I encourage you to try it, and if you realize that perhaps your PT, or navigation, or whatever needs more work and we can’t get you through that weekend, come back in the Fall and do it again for no extra charge.

The primary purpose of the MVT Rifleman Challenge is to raise training and tactical fitness standards across the board for armed civilians. It is to promote excellence.  I know is a bit of a gut check and a little intimidating. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!