MVT Remote Training


I frequently get asked if I am available to travel somewhere, like Texas, or the PNW, to run  a  class. I am guilty of not putting in enough effort to follow up on these inquiries. This is remiss of me, considering that this is my job now.

My reasoning has been this: I do advertise Consultancy & Private Training services, as described on THIS PAGE. The intent of this was primarily to take a family or group at a retreat location and combine a defensive survey with some group training. For my live fire tactical training, I have invested a lot of sweat equity into my training site near to Romney in West Virginia. The site combines great terrain with ranges prepared with pits for my electronic pop-up targets. I have designed the ranges for the CRCD class and I am currently adding locations, target pits and a whole new valley for the Combat Patrol class – the new valley being the site for the camp attack/raid, complete with shanty base for the bad guys.

This means that I prefer individuals and groups to travel to my site if at all possible, because I feel that I can give you the best training value by you doing so. This is the value in investing in a permanent training site and the training aids such as the electronic pop-up targets.

bunker blown

If I travel to you, I can provide you with a couple of things. I can do a combat estimate on your property and advocate protective measures tailored to your resources. I can also run training with whatever resources you have. I can teach you Small Unit Tactics (SUT) . What will be missing is the full live firing experience that you would get at my site. For live firing, we would be limited to whatever terrain you have for a ranges, whatever backstops you have, and probably stick in targets. That means you lose the value of the electronic pop-ups, and things such as a well planned jungle lane etc.

This is why I have not pushed for the remote training, and have tried to encourage people to visit my site for the full MVT tactical training experience.

The other side, quite frankly, is this: I’m not some celebrity super trooper trainer who wants to pull in a crowd, get them lined up on a  square range, and impress them with how awesome I am all day while shredding paper tacticool style. It’s just not my style.  That is not what I want to bring. I will always limit numbers and within the constraints of the range terrain available will try and bring you elements of the training I deliver at my site. If live firing is limited at your location,  and you have the gear, I can train you dry, blank, simunition, paintball, air soft or even laser. But it loses the benefit of full live firing for battle inoculation and combat preparation. I’d be unhappy to be stuck on a square berm range all day, and you wouldn’t get the benefit of the training value that I can bring.

However, business is business, and if the demand is there, I will make myself available to visit locations remote from WVA. If you can’t bring your group to WV, then I understand how it is more economical to fly me out to you. I would need a recce and planning day to set up the training area, and I can tailor the schedule to what you want and the range resources available. Remember, I will still expect your group to train the equivalent of CRCD before I take you on to a live version of Combat Patrol. That is the progression, but one can run after the other.

As for rates, contact me directly to discuss specifics. In  outline, the classes will cost the same, with the addition of my travel and accommodation  expenses. The way I work my rates (per person per day):

1 Day : $250

2 Day: $400

Additional days: $100 per day.

This is why the coming 5 day combined CRCD/Combat Patrol class will be priced at $700. There will also be a group minimum size for remote training. (Rates subject to change and specifics of what training and duration you require).



And I’ll show up in camo, unless you object ;-)

Live Hard.

Die Free.