MVT Patches



Below are the patches that students already get after they complete CRCD:



Next run I may lighten the green a bit. Its great for DPM, a bit dark for Multi-Cam.

The other patches are designed for use on contractor caps, front and back velcro patches, or for on arm velcro as well:



So come on, who will now travel to West Virginia just to get the patches? For previous students who attended before I got the patches, I am willing to mail you the patches.  Just mail me a postage paid, addressed,  envelope to the Gainesville address.

I am not selling the patches. So don’t ask. You earn them by training. I am going to start giving out the full set at the end of classes.

These are your recognition patches for SHTF operations. Together with the question: what is the color of the schoolhouse at Max’s place?

Is your patrol pack ready to rumble?:


Live Hard.

Die Free.