MVT Gear: Status Update

It is with regret that I report that MVT Gear is currently down. But not out. You may have noticed that the gear store is listed as out of stock on all items.

We made the same mistake twice. We tried to do right by giving business to a small, USA based outfit ( they were a dress making / quilting shop), with no experience specifically in gear making. We stood them up, providing the gear designs, tactical gear manufacturing training, and advice to make MVT Gear. Ultimately, they became overwhelmed due to their shop-flow mismanagement and have simply shut down without warning or appropriate notice. We tried to help them through this but they refused to take the offered help and professional advice. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. One issue we have had throughout the entire relationship was their refusal, without adequate reason, to manufacture the MVT Shield, which is a signature MVT product and one of our reasons for recruiting their shop. We are still managing the fallout from this.

We still have our designs and future gear plans. We met with various potential OEMs at the SHOT Show and will be moving forward with one. This time they are a professional organization with an appropriate manufacturing setup, who also make their own reputable tactical gear. All made in the USA and Berry compliant. We will reveal more when the time comes.

The gear that the OEM was putting out was good quality. We will do better this time, with greater flexibility in production and better material access. There will be some changes to the gear designs. We will be down for a while as we get this organized, and we will announce things in due course. We are really looking forward to working with this new OEM, and we are impressed by their level of professionalism. This is  going to be exciting. We are already looking at an improved harness re-design and a move to 500 Denier Cordura.

One implication is that now we are between OEM’s, we currently do not have any manufacturing capacity. This will provide us customer service problems if anyone comes to us with an issue with their rig. We simply ask you to be patient if you do run across an issue, and we will do our best to take care of it when we are set up in production with the new OEM.