MVT Gear: Sneak Peek


A look at a couple of things we have in the pipeline. We are currently out of stock of gear in the MVT Gear Store due to doing production runs and also a bit of R&D. We will be bringing current gear back online as we catch up, along with a few new products. We are always designing and innovating, so these are just the front runners of  few things we have in the pipeline.

Below is the ‘Lite Triple.’ This is a minimalist 3 mag (5.56) rig. The photo shows the new H-harness that will be going on all our rigs, a slight re-design. The Triple easily attaches to the front of a slick PC using the PC Kit, or can be worn on its own as a lightweight minimalist rig. It will take any of our small, medium or large admin pouches on the front MOLLE. The large pouch takes up 3 MOLLE spaces, the medium and small each take up 2 spaces.

We are also bringing out single kydex mag pouches, which will fit onto a PC, or for example will fit onto the Triple as a way to plus up the ammo capacity.

We are also bringing out a ‘Lite Quad’ which is just like the Triple, but with 4 mag pouches across. No photos right now.



Below is a sneak peak at the ‘Lite Belt.’ This is the latest proto after we made some changes, and I have not had this one in my hands yet, it needs to be mailed from Atlanta!

The Lite Belt is simple yet extremely functional, not with the massive bulk that you see on many battle belts out there. It features a MOLLE pad, which is true MOLLE. The belt is integral to the pad and features a two-way buckle to keep it central. We initially tried tri-glides each side of the buckle but I found it fiddly to adjust, so we are looking at simple elastic keepers to tuck away the belt ends. It is important that the belt adjusts easily and quickly to your waist.

The idea that is that you fit your holster onto the MOLLE, not attached to the belt. There are many products that allow you to do this. The pad will come in various sizes and is designed to be fitted so that it runs from hip bone to hip bone. This means that you will wear nothing forward of your hip bones, and this will not impede the rise of your thighs as you move or get up and down from kneeling etc. This is very much a functional design from experience and breaks with the common design / preference of having gar all the way across the front of the belt of ten with pads almost joining at the belt buckle. Madness.

Handgun one side, mag pouches the other, and perhaps a couple of other ancillary items like tourniquets, knives and small IFAK are all you should rally be wanting to carry on this belt.

Check out this post for clarification on why we design gear to function like this: ‘Gear: Purpose, Use: Your Functional Gear System.’











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