MVT Forum Update

Today, I made the decision and pulled the trigger on the MVT Forum.

My hesitancy was due to cost – I am having the company that created this site build on the forum as part of the site. It will be better in the long run, but it is expensive in the short term.

The estimate for this being ready to go is late January/beginning of February.

The idea is to create a ‘non-tacticool’, ‘non-fanboy’ forum for the discussion and development of tactical matters related to the armed civilian; primarily focused on post-societal collapse and SHTF situations, facing lawlessness and perhaps requiring armed resistance against ‘enemies foreign and domestic’.

I will still be blogging and we will also put the blog posts up on the forum, in order to facilitate an easier discussion. I am impressed by the quality of the commentariat on my blog; the intent is to give you a place to discuss these matters, to allow a community to grow. In fact, once the forum is created I will be taking a step back – it’s not about me, I have no intent of trying to create ‘fan-boys’. I will do what I am told and input as is helpful ;-)

I will be taking moderators (‘Twat Patrol’) from current members of the blog and past students. Some of you already know who you are. We will be working on ideas for areas on the forum, such as a prior student private section etc.

I may put an entirely voluntary ‘donate’ button up, to defray some of the cost of this.

UPDATE: I have created a Forum ‘donate’ page HERE, for those that wish to entirely voluntarily help defray the start-up and running costs.

Some of you already know this: the rates that I charge for classes, vs. the investment in land and equipment (electronic pop-up targets etc.) puts me a long way away from breaking even on training. But I want to keep the training rates low in order to make it affordable to those that need the training i.e. ordinary people. To be frank, it’s book sales that keep me above water. That is why my conscience is clear asking for donations, and that perhaps you buy a book or two, in order to get this show on the road and keep it there.

Live Hard.

Die Free.