MVT Forum: Tactical Planning Exercises

The MVT Forum has now become a paid forum at the rate of $25 per year. There are 3 free forums that can be viewed by anyone, in order to act as FAQ and news forums for new students:

News & Training updates
Training Preparation and Answers
Class Reviews

Within the paid side of the forum, we are now starting to push forward with plans for forum improvement and even more value for members. We are planning to roll out a series of tactical and intel training exercises and even simulations, as we continue to conduct R&D and develop them.

To get the ball rolling, I am restarting the ‘Tactical Planning Exercises’ that I ran in 2014. These were a series of popular exercises that could be done online at your home. Now that the forum has gone to subscription, I will be reintroducing these exercises. This is part of our forum improvement program, adding tactical and Intel training and exercises that can be participated in online on the forum.

I have just posted the first exercise: ‘Tactical Planning Task: Problem #1 – Squad Hasty Attack’ in the new ‘Planning Exercise’ sub-forum under ‘Tactics & Leadership.’ This exercise was previously posted in 2014, and I will run a series of previous exercises first. Once I return from this private class in Missouri, I will begin to generate new tactical training exercises of various types.