MVT Forum Membership Offer


The MVT Forum has transitioned to a paid membership @ $25 per year. The MVT Forum is unique in terms of the quality of discussion and maturity levels of the members, rare in terms of internet forums, and also the breadth and depth of the information contained on the site.

The move to a paid annual subscription was for a variety of reasons:

  1. To restrict membership to those serious about content and learning / training, in order to allow us to roll out  tactical and information / intelligence training initiatives, privately to members.
  2. To help offset running costs.
  3. Work performed, in a liberty based free market economy, should be compensated. If you simply expect ‘free chicken’ then you need to adjust your attitude and your assumed place within the ‘liberty movement;’ there is no place for you on the MVT Forum.

MVT is offering the following to offset the $25 annual membership fee:

  • Anyone who has already paid , or does pay, for an MVT Forum membership within the next 6 months (by 1 February 2017) will get a $25 rebate on any training class that is booked within the same time period.
  • If you come and train with MVT, then you get your forum membership cost back.
  • This only applies to classes that are booked from now until 1 February 2017.
  • Send me a copy of your PayPal receipt in order to get the rebate.

To clarify:

1) please only send me the receipt when you are booking classes.

2) the offer applies, as written, to classes that are booked within the stated time period. Not ones already booked. As we get closer to the end of the year, I will publish further classes for the first part of 2017, which is my normal procedure. I hope that is clear.

3) the offer does not apply to FoF events, which are already discounted heavily in order to account for the scary upfront cost of the UTM ammo in addition to the class fee.

Moving forward, there will be fewer ‘free’ articles on the blog. Most detailed tactical articles will appear on the forum, with an introductory post on the blog, and an invitation to ‘read the rest’ on the forum.

We currently have an informal Information / Intelligence Analysis training program that has begun on the forum, which is the beginning of more Intel analyst training that we are starting to offer. This is the beginning of the development of internet based tactical and information analysis training on the MVT Forum.