MVT Forum: Have you had issues / Resolution?

We are aware that a number of people have had issues with the MVT Forum, in terms of joining / renewing / logging on. This is a shame because the Forum is an excellent resource and place for rational, troll free, discussion and information. Here are a few notes / points that may help you. The situation should be resolved at this time. If in doubt or you are still having issues, please email to and I will forward it to IT for a solution. We want you back and part of the team!

1) The new MBVT website allows you to register and log in for reasons for payment for classes, purchases from the store etc. This is separate from the MVT Forum, and has caused confusion when people have tried to log in to one or the other.

2) The MVT Forum is a subscription site @ $25 per 365 days. Within the Forum itself, is the Alumni Forum. As a current forum member, you can be added to the alumni section if you write in and request it / prove alumni credentials. This will make the alumni section visible to you when you are logged in.

3) We used PayPal as the mode of payment, which is not ideal because we really do not like PayPal, but it was one of the services that worked with the forum software (this is why we use another service for payments on the website). The issues started when we reached a year of paid forum time and it became time for people to renew membership. I gave out bad information, telling people not to send me money separately, because PayPal would roll over and you would be automatically charged. This did not happen, and many memberships expired. (You do not need a PayPal account to join using PayPal, you can simply use a credit/debit card via their system).

4) So IT changed our payment service from PayPal to the one we use on the main website. It was supposed to work, and payments were supposed to roll over annually, but that did not happen. Many people experienced thinking they had paid and renewed, but we found that their card had not been charged and the lost access. A lot of confusion ensued.

5) To add to this, there was also confusion with the alumni forum. Given that people were usually added to the alumni forum after they wrote in about it sometime after joining the main forum, there was a disparity between the two memberships. There was glitch where paid membership would expire, but access would be gained through alumni membership. When this glitch was fixed, a whole bunch of people lost access. They probably thought they were paid up, but were not. They may have thought they had renewed, having followed the payment process through, but they had probably not been charged.

6) The joining situation is now fixed by reverting back to the original PayPal situation. After a year, you will have to manually renew again.

If anyone is still experiencing issues, please write in and we can check the status. We can also send you a manual link to renew, a workaround. I know I have spoken to people at class who were unable to join, or who thought they had joined or renewed but it turns out their card was not charged. All sorts of weird stuff.

So, my apologies for the confusion and frustration. If you have found yourself locked out, please do not throw your hands up, please write in with your user details and we will check status, give you access, or send you a link to renew.