MVT Forum: ‘Ask the Commsprepper’

Related to this recent post: ‘Information & Intelligence Training: The MVT Forum Grows,’ Commsprepper is now on the MVT Forum and is answering communications (not just HAM) related questions.

We have an ‘ask the commsprepper’ thread and various break-out threads as appropriate.

MVT is also planning to add another training module to the offered classes. This was in the planning stages at the class dinner last night. We are thinking of a weekend class, offering communications training by Commsprepper on the Saturday, and bringing the TC3 (Combat Lifesaver) package back on the Sunday. The comms training would be aimed at beginners and those looking to understand options in order to get into communications appropriately. More detail on the curriculum and a first class date to follow. Feedback welcome on this.

Commsprepper YouTube Channel HERE.

Heading out to the final day of Combat Team Tactics……