MVT Combat Leader Course


This class is a new addition to the MVT Class List. It will be initially scheduled once in 2017 (April), and  we will asses whether to run it annually after that, maybe twice a year depending  on demand.

Summary: This is an infantry combat leader class designed to teach you the basics of leadership, decision making, the planning and the execution of combat missions at the team and squad level. Students will rotate through command appointments, with each student getting the minimum of one full rotation as squad leader. Each scenario will allow time for those nominated as leaders to conduct full battle procedure:

  • Receive Mission.
  • Battle Procedure: planning, orders, rehearsals.
  • Execute Mission.
  • Debrief / lessons learned.

When not in a command appointment as a squad or team leader, you will be a part of the squad, supporting execution of the mission. Although the class will at times be demanding and tiring, it is a learning environment and will be managed accordingly.

Sample mission types that you will run:

  • Reconnaissance Patrol
  • Ambush patrol
  • Raid Patrol
  • Advance to Contact / Hasty Attack
  • Deliberate Attack
  • Occupy Patrol Base
  • Ground Domination Patrol / QRF
  • Key Point Defense / QRF response
  • FoF Squad vs. Squad
  • CQB – deliberate attack



  • Class runs Sunday 2 to Sunday 9 April 2017.
  • Arrival / reception at 1500 hrs Sunday 2 April.
  • Training Monday thru Sunday.
  • Depart Sunday 9 April.


  • Minimum 9 Students.
  • Maximum 18 Students.


  • $950 tuition.
  • $800 UTM ammo (this is subject limited change as the class is finalized, but will be close).


  • $400 deposit holds a space on the class.
  • Deposit is non-refundable, but transferable.
  • If the class does not meet minimums, students agree to transfer the deposit to another MVT class of their choice.
  • This is a pilot class / concept, hence the refund policy.


  • This is NOT a live fire class.
  • Ammunition will be a mix of UTM Man Marker Rounds / UTM Blanks.
  • Exact UTM ammo mix to be determined.
  • You will need your FoF protective gear as per FoF Team Tactics.


  • This will be a camping class. You will either be luxury camping at the campsite (FOB) or out on a mission (patrol base). Exercises will run as per the requirements of the class, not 9-5.
  • You will be given rest / admin time, but at times it may be unconventional.


  • Your fitness will need to be adequate to be mobile across the Velocity Training Center with a combat load, at times carrying gear to stay out overnight / self sustaining. You have advance warning to conduct a fitness regime, so that fitness is not your limiting factor. See Tactical Fitness Training Plans for more information.



  • AR15 rifles only, due to the UTM bolt requirement.
  • Protective gear as per FoF Team Tactics.
  • Personal gear as per:
  • Class joining instructions will include guidance on the number of MREs/alternatives that you will need to bring for tactical exercises.


  • No MVT Class prerequisites, although CTT/CP is recommended.
  • You must have some appropriate infantry or civilian/other tactical training. This class will not be taught from the ground up of basic tactics. The focus is on the planning and leadership. If you need help with specific techniques for your mission, of course it will be given. It is a learning environment, not sink or swim. Cadre will shadow you through your appointment, helping or hindering, as deemed most beneficial to your training development.

Required Reading:

  • Contact!
  • The yet to be published MVT Tactical Handbook.


  • There will be a requirement for a 4-6 man volunteer OPFOR to support the training objectives.
  • OPFOR will require the same gear as the students.
  • There will be limited learning opportunities for OPFOR, by taking part as enemy and listening to debriefs.


In the spirit of this operational / training heritage, but tempered to the class / students: