MVT Classes Resume in June

Here at MVT we have been locked down for classes due to the Corona situation. I know you guys have as well. We have rescheduled all classes up till the end of May onto dates later in the year, or added classes to take the excess.

We will begin training again in June. I know that everyone has been stuck in isolation world and as such there have been no new bookings for classes since the lockdown began. Now, it seems to me that we are facing certain economic collapse, and now more than ever you need to get trained. MVT has been here for you since 2013, and depending on the rate of economic collapse, we may only have this year to get some serious training in before we need to use it for real.

The first class coming up on June is Close Quarter Battle, which is half-full and spaces are available. The MVT Training calendar can be found at this link:


See you at training soon!