MVT Mobile Class Ammunition Restrictions

The following is copied from the information packet that is sent out to students prior to mobile classes. These restrictions do not apply to square / flat range classes. This is because these restrictions are purely to protect the electronic and steel targets that are used during MVT tactical classes.



From the Information Packet:

AMMUNITION: MVT runs combat rifle / carbine classes that are focused on the AR15 platform.  It is recommended that you use 5.56 / .223 or 7.62 x 39 ammunition only at class, conforming to the restrictions listed below. For a number of reasons, you should not bring larger caliber ammunition to class, including .308 etc. If you have questions for clarification, please email:

Work on an average of 400-500 rifle rounds per day. Check the website for individual class ammo requirements. FoF classes do not require live ammo, but require AR15 rifles only. 

NO penetrator, steel core, armor piercing, bi-metal, M855, tracer or similar.

NO M193 / XM193 / 193 ammunition or similar. No ‘magnetic’ ammo. 

Recommended for Training: PMC Bronze .223 55 grain, or similar ammunition with a similar velocity. This will reduce damage to steel and electronic equipment on the ranges. For AK ammo, ensure it complies with the requirements above.

 Ammo may be magnet tested. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: for classes held purely on the square / flat range, ammunition type does not matter (with the exception of tracer). However, it is VITAL that common sense and diligence is applied for classes moving from the flat range to tactical ranges utilizing electronic pop-up and steel targets, which is the equipment these ammunition restrictions are intended to protect.

If you are firing 7.62 x 39, ensure it complies. AKs are not ‘banned’ at class, but ammunition must comply. Yes, MVT classes are AR-centric. in terms of types of rifle at MVT classes, the following applies, also taken from the information packet:

  • *Fighting Rifle: a semi-automatic battle rifle utilizing detachable magazines of minimum 20 round capacity. AR/AK type platforms are an example of a suitable rifle. The safety must be operable with the firing hand, by finger or thumb, without removing the hand from the pistol grip.
  • MVT Classes are AR15 centric for weapon manipulation training.
  • Rifle spare parts/spare rifle/optics are useful in case of failures.
  • *Ensure your rifle is well / excessively lubricated.
  • *Rifle magazines (20 or 30 rounds standard capacity): minimum eight.

– Unique tape on your magazines will help you find them after drills.

– Bring as many magazines as you can, pre-loaded, to avoid wasting time loading magazines between drills. 16 would be better than 8.

– *Bring 4 empty magazines to day 1 of HEMS / HEAT + 1 x penny.