MVT Cabin Club: This Just Happened!

The MVT Cabin Club just happened on the MVT Forum. We just took 18 members on this run, and we are closing it down to new members for now. My target was 12, but it got away from itself over the weekend and we are cutting it off at 18. Thank you to everyone, Cabin Club members just got a great deal, and I can see those new roads and facilities at the VTC already!

MVT Forum Post:

This was announced on Alumni Forum, in order to reward those alumni with the chance of first go at this offer. After a suitable delay, I am putting this on the main forum, and then it will go on the blog.

The Cabin Club is membership plan with MVT that will allow you to get 50% off class price, for as long and as often as you wish to train. There will be a limited number of these available, initially 12, based on the objective of the offer. I have 8 spots gone already, from the alumni forum post, 4 remain at this time

(If you are an alumni, but not on the alumni forum, please email me so we can fix that).

The purpose on the part of MVT is to generate an initial sum of capital to allow site improvement to progress over the quiet winter months. This will benefit you. It will also benefit the Special Operations Forces teams that have been, and will continue to train at, the VTC. The improved facility will thus not only benefit civilian students but allow you to directly support the training of SOF troops going forward into the fight.

Initially on the list of site improvements are the following:

– Improve the road access to the campsite / Team Cabin – put in a culvert just past the main gate to put a ‘Y’ in the road across to the campsite, and then improve the top culvert turn, to allow access and a drive around for vehicles.

– Improve the road up past the top flat range to be a truck capable road, to wind up the hill to the sniper firing point, encompassing the LZ up there in the meadow. We can then use the LZ to park for the sniper range.

– Once the road is improved to the campsite, bring in a shed to act as a stores shed for the Team Cabin. Sadly, the Team Cabin was almost entirely filled with SOF gear and sensitive items, taking away from its use as an accommodation cabin.

– Continue to improve the team cabin – put in electric, pull power, insulate and sheath the interior, and put in shelves, heat / air etc. This Team Cabin is available for you to stay in at class, and save money on hotels. We want to make it more comfortable.

The Cabin Club will involve two options. In return, you get 50% off all future classes, for as often and as long as you wish to train with MVT. We will also create a nice looking board for the cabin where we will put up plaques with Cabin Club members names. This can be your real name, forum name, either or both.

$2000 will get you Cabin Club membership.

$3000 will get you membership, and allow you to bring anyone else when you come to train for their own 50% discount.

Cabin Club membership will also put you on the short list for first refusal for OPFOR volunteers for SOF classes. This is an additional free training opportunity. It also helps the SF teams get prepared pre-deployment.

Simply email me, once I confirm space, you can send relevant amount via the payments tab at the top of the website.

Small print:

1) This current offer will be open for 12 spaces and only until the 31 October.

2) This gives you 50% off class tuition for as long and as often as you want. It applies to class price and does not include any other discounts – if you choose this, 50% is your discount off posted prices.

3) Contrary to rumor, MVT is not closing to civilian classes and as per my recent post, we are currently working on the 2018 schedule (first half of the year) right now.

4) This is also my way of putting out a discount to some of the more active and trusted alumni . Both parties should benefit from this.

5) This discount does not apply to the cost of UTM ammunition. No discount does.

6) This is non-transferable.

7) In order to redeem this membership, you need to continue to be a current forum member.

Thank you.