MVT Battle Belt

There have been a  few inquiries about how to set up a battle belt. I took a couple of photos of my battle belt after this weekend’s training. It’s an evolving thing but this is the current configuration.
This is a variation of a full battle belt that is ideally used for dismounted light infantry operations. It sits your gear nicely on your waist and the harness (suspenders) is important to take up some of that weight and ensure that you don’t have to do up the belt itself uncomfortably tight to stop it falling down over your hips. This kind of battle belt should sit below your hips. You can still wear a PC with it for the ballistic protection, and a ruck or patrol pack will sit nicely on your back, resting on the rear pouches.
The beauty of it really is that you can carry a decent fighting and basic sustainment load on this belt. You can go on short patrols with just this battle belt. If you lose your patrol pack or are forced to dump your ruck, always keep your battle belt on and you will be able to fight and survive from it. My philosophy is that if I intend to remain as an active fighter, i.e. continue to carry my rifle, then I am not dumping my battle belt. Rifle and battle belt will remain on me at all times.


Above from left:

1) Magazine pouches for 9 mags. 3 are in open topped pouches for ready access, then the pouches with flaps contain up to another 6 magazines. I did this by attaching the 6 mag pouch to the molle on the outside of a triple stacker open top pouch. This combination allows a decent mag load but takes care of the frequent disadvantage of belt rigs in that mag access is sometimes slower in pouches than in open topped pouches such as on a PC. Best of both worlds here.
3) Issue canteen pouch. Contains NVGs and a couple of other items.
4) Issue canteen pouch: Emergency rations (currently stuffed full of Clif bars!)
5) Issue canteen pouch: Contains Brit issue 58 pattern waterbottle, that is shorter and fits flush unlike the standard US Canteen. The little side pouches contain water purification stuff.
6) FLIR Pouch: contains FLIR Scout.
7) Holster for Glock.
8) 2 pistol mag pouches. Yes, they are on the wrong side – but I put them where I could and they are my last line.

The little pouches on the side of the canteen pouches are useful for stuff lie spare batteries etc.

On the left side harness strap is a CAT tourniquet for ready use. (Non-firing side). Keep your firing side shoulder clear of equipment and obstructions.

Above: another view of the top of the belt. I have a VTAC padded battle belt, rigger roll-pin belt threaded through that.

Some of these pouches are purchases, some are the issue style. At least one of these pouches was originally ACU pattern, but I use Krylon camo spray to make the whole belt green. Its just a case of using what you have, with a few purchases, to make a usable belt.

Live Hard, Die Free.