Mobility: ‘Actions On’ Mob Attack

Mobility: ‘Actions On’ Mob Attack

With recent events showing that drivers being caught and seriously injured or killed in mob attacks is a real issue, I’m going to pass on some tips on how to survive attacks by a mob while caught in your vehicle. I have seen some posts and advice on this, and although useful, I don’t think they go far enough or cover the reality of how violent these situations can get. Day to day many people feel safe inside their vehicles, hence the many incidents of road rage that probably would not happen face to face, and many also feel safe because they carry a handgun. Bravado will not save you. Some practical advice:

1) Avoidance (or threat mitigation): This is your primary defense mechanism.  This is macro or micro: if you don’t live anywhere near one of the explosive urban centers, and have no reason to be there, then don’t and you have nothing really to worry about. That isn’t really advice, it’s just stating the obvious. But many have work or travel that will take then through areas that have the potential to be subject to these rioters/mobs and are thus at risk. This relates to the IPB study that Joe is teaching here on the MVT Forum. You need to be plugged into news and current events and have studied your area and routes in order to give you options should something like the Charlotte or Baltimore riots start in your area. It could happen anytime, anywhere, following any kind of shooting-type incident, anything that inflames a mob.

2) Mobs can be of many types. They can be peaceful, they can be angry, they can be rioting. They may be actively fighting with Police. They may be blocking a road peacefully or violently, or they may be incited to violence by the action of a driver at the road block. They may thus have the potential for extreme violence towards you. The mob may be very localized, or spread out and swarming over a larger area. The mob may have the potential to be equipped with weapons, such as bats, tools, throwing items such as bricks, molotov cocktails , handguns and there have been incidents of shootings with long guns.

As an example to whet your appetite, here’s some rioting, by folks that know how to get a scrap on:


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