Misc. Updates – CRCD Classes, admin etc.

I’m just back in front of the computer after another CRCD weekend, some really good people, a good weekend. Hopefully I’ll get some AARs in. I’ll get some blog posts up as the week progresses. I have one on cover shooting in the works.
A couple of admin type points in no particular order:
1) Changes to class payment method: I was let down by a couple of last minute no-shows this weekend. One was due to a broken down motorcycle on the morning of the class, the other with no real reason, except perhaps nerves. I have so far been operating a sort of ‘Patriot Honor System’ where I take $100 in deposit and then the remainder on the morning of the class after meet up. This weekend I lost those two slots and I had already turned down some inquiries from others asking if I had vacancies on the class, so I had a wait list, but the notification came too late to fill the slots. Ultimately, I’m out of pocket and some people who could have trained were not able to. 
Because of this I have to move to a better business model where I will require complete payment for the class no later than one week prior (i.e. by the Friday a week before) . If I don’t get it, I will release the slot to someone on the wait list. This will give them notice to organize themselves to attend. I have also been pretty equable about returning deposits in the past, because I do not want your money if I didn’t exchange it for training, but I’m gonna get tough and if you cancel late for no justifiable reason, you won’t get a refund. Motive to follow through and show up. With the rates I charge and the investment into equipment I have made, I have to run a better business model to ever get out of the red.
2) Related to that, I strongly encourage you to travel the night before to get into the area, avoiding last minute problems with break-downs etc. The KoolWink Motel in town has cheap rates (cheap and cheerful, students like it) and you can always camp at site free of charge. Camping at my site is free of charge. If you can avoid it, do not travel overnight and deprive yourselves of sleep – it does not bode well for attention in class on the Saturday and may impact on safety. 
3) Ego/Safety: despite my best attention to ‘customer satisfaction’, sometimes the mask will slip and you will get a bollocking, either because you let yourselves down on a drill where you were doing better (two classes ago I ended up chewing out a whole team on the break contact drills and making them do it again), or because you are making consistent safety mistakes. Safety is paramount. I have not done it yet, but if you can’t follow simple safety instructions you will be on the bench. Part of my safety brief explains to students that the only way we can achieve want I want to achieve on the class, is if everyone shows that they can follow and apply the safety rules. No compromise. You will find that I am a welcoming and amenable person, but I can’t let safety slip. I am far from a ‘drill sergeant type’. However, leave the ego at the parking area and bring a teachable attitude – other than a little bit of randomness this has not been a real issue so far. 
4) Make sure you bring a hard copy of the class information packet/disclaimer with you to give to me in the parking lot. Doing this will also save admin time at start of class, and ensure you know what you need to know when you show up. 
5) PO Box: The PO Box on the website is currently inactive. I will shortly have a new PO Box and I will publicize that. Once active, this can be used for class payments if you don’t want to use PayPal – but make sure you email me and tell me you sent something, so I can check the box. It’s not checked every day. (If you randomly sent me something over the last couple of weeks I don’t have it).
6) Within  a week or so my new website will go live. The web url will be the same:, but I’ve had someone do it professionally. This blog will move and will be at\blog, part of the website.

7) Age minimums: Attendance by families is encouraged, as are females attending training. Past students have included multiple father and son teams, husband and wife (discount available HERE) and a father and daughter team. Teenagers are allowed to train, down to the age of 15. The requirement for anyone under 18 is parental supervision, that they have a mature teachable attitude, and that they are competent at weapons manipulation prior to showing up.

West Virginia code on age and Firearms: Persons under the age of 18 may not carry or possess firearms unless on family premises or on other property with permission of the owner or lessee.” Students attending my training will be on private land ad will have permission to train with firearms and live fire.

8) If you have read and enjoyed Patriot Dawn, I would ask if you could go give it a good review on Amazon. Those of you who read this blog are aware of the context of the book, as a tactical  novel that supports the manual Contact. I’m actually proud of the book myself, but there are haters out their particularity if they know it’s self published; then they roll out the ‘needs an editor’ and ‘needs more character development’ standard litany of ignorant comments. 
8) On a similar  note, if you have purchased and enjoyed Contact II, please take a moment to give it a good review on Amazon. It all helps get the word out.
Live Hard.
Die Free.